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blog details: Seeking a cheap plane ticket is the first step in finding affordable methods to go to Europe. Thankfully, there are several inexpensive and comfortable methods to leisure group travel to Europe. When should you book your flights to Europe in advance? Depending on when you wish to travel, there is no ideal time to purchase flights to Europe. Booking your flights at least six weeks in advance, but no more than three to four months, is a reasonable rule of thumb. Book your tickets a little bit early if you're travelling during the winter break (particularly during Christmas in Rovaniemi or New Years) or the busiest summer months (July and August). In general, September or the first part of October offer the greatest airfares for winter travel. The ideal times to book flights for the summer are around February or March. Want the least expensive flights without regard to when you travel? Travel in February or March? Book in December–February. You'll undoubtedly discover lower costs! How much does a flight to Europe cost? Flights to major European hubs are frequently less expensive than to smaller, regional airports. Of course, the place from where you're travelling determines how much it will cost to go to Europe. A reasonable fare is between $400 and $600 if you're flying from the East Coast of the US to a significant European fit event hub. A reasonable price from the West Coast is between $500 and $700. Expect to pay a bit more if you're flying into or out of a smaller hub. Still appear to be too costly? You can save money on flights as a college student, so don't panic! Simply register on StudentUniverse using email address, look for the flights you require from more than 220 airlines, and make your reservation there a savings. If you're a student, you can frequently get tickets to Europe for $200 to $400! Or look for discounts before making a buy. Deals for particular airlines, locations, and more are available. For instance, if you already fly LOT, you may save an additional $30 on your travels to Europe.


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