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blog details: The cost of travel will be higher to major cities in Europe than to less popular, more affordable locations. While Paris and Rome need certainly be at the top of your list, there are many more places that are equally charming but far less expensive. Here are five places in Europe that college students should not miss when are they going in small group tour: Warsaw In Warsaw, history buffs, fans of architecture, foodies, and hipsters can all come together! Poland's capital city of Warsaw is a fantastic place to visit if you're travelling in Europe on a budget, despite being frequently disregarded. Visit markets and gardens, experience real local life, meander around Old Town and its centuries of history, or go to Praga, Warsaw's hipster district, for modern art, eateries, street art, and other attractions. In Warsaw, daily travel expenses average only $40. Budapest Budapest has cathedrals, castles, parks, ancient neighbourhoods, and even thermal spas, just like other European towns. Here, it's simple for students to discover reasonably priced lodging, transportation, and dining alternatives. Better still? The finest sights and activities are frequently free! Visit the Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament, and of course the Szechenyi Thermal Baths! In Budapest, daily travel expenses average $42. Krakow If you want to explore Europe on a budget, have a genuine experience, and immerse yourself in culture and history, Krakow is the ideal destination. There is a lot to see and discover, including the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, and the historic city centre. Visit churches and castles, stroll through charming town squares dotted with boutiques and coffee shops, or take a tour of an underground salt mine. In Krakow, daily travel expenses average $38. Prague It's time to cross Prague off your bucket list if it's not already there! One of our favourite DMC company to travel to in Europe as college students is this affordable city (or anyone). There is a lot to discover, from the recognisable bridges and historical Old Town Square to the distinctive architecture that ranges from the ancient (the Prague castle from the ninth century) to the modern (Dancing House, anyone? ), contemporary street art, parks, and gardens. In Prague, daily travel expenses often run $50. Sofia, Bulgaria Among European cities, Sofia is sometimes disregarded, although it's a fantastic location that can be easily visited on a budget. There is a lot to discover all in one location because to influences from the Persian, Slavic, Greek, and Ottoman cultures. In addition, it is the site of more than 2,000 years of history. From the famed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral to the old St. George Rotunda Church, there are centuries of historical architecture, culture, and customs to discover. In Sofia, daily travel expenses average $30. Every city or country has its own rules, values, tradition, culture and many more. So before exploring these place you must go through the terms and conditions.


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