Low AMH: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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blog details: What is low AMH? AMH decreases with age because a woman's ovarian reserve decreases with age. Decreased ovarian reserve can lead to infertility. Critically low values also indicate a poor response to ART. If a woman's AMH value is found to be low on initial screening, she should consider seeking treatment immediately. A low AMH indicates that a woman's ovarian reserve is rapidly deteriorating and she should seek fertility treatment as soon as possible if she is trying to conceive. AMH reference range should be between 2.20 and 6.80 ng/ml. The range varies depending on the equipment and test methods used in each laboratory. However, patient age is an important factor in predicting outcomes, as low AMH does not always indicate low ART success in women younger than 35 years. In addition, factors such as imaging modalities and clinical laboratory findings should be considered. Does AMH deficiency affect fertility? Low AMH levels are not a cause of infertility; Rather, it indicates low ovarian reserve. This means that the number of eggs that can develop in the ovaries is limited, and the chances of releasing and fertilizing a mature, good-quality egg each month are reduced. Also, the quality of eggs deteriorates with age. As a result, egg abnormalities increase the chances of early miscarriage. Low AMH symptoms There are no specific low AMH symptoms that indicate a woman has low AMH. However, if a woman has irregular periods or premature menopause, her AMH can be tested through a blood test. Causes of Low AMH The number of follicles developing in the ovary determines the AMH level. However, when considering the causes of low AMH levels, a woman's age is important. When a woman is in her mid-30s, her ovarian reserve begins to decrease, and when she is 40 years old or older, it decreases even more. Some factors that contribute to low AMH include: • Hormonal imbalance with age • Genetic causes • Cancer treatment for endometriosis • Ovarian autoimmune disease • Other environmental issues Low AMH treatment There is no cure for low AMH, but there are ways to improve AMH before a woman considers ART, to improve egg quantity and quality before IVF treatment. Natural low AMH fertility treatment options may be suggested to improve AMH values to enhance ovarian response during stimulation. Natural treatments for low AMH include: • Yoga and regular exercise • Acupuncture • Eating a balanced diet • DHEA supplements. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a hormone that increases egg quantity and quality.

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