What Happens During IUI Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

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blog details: Intrauterine insemination, also known as artificial insemination, is a fertility treatment procedure in which sperm are transferred directly into the uterus to aid in fertilization. So, what is the purpose of IUI and who is an ideal candidate? Fertility treatments, such as intrauterine insemination, help couples who are having difficulty becoming pregnant. The sperms benefit from this treatment because the sperm is directly placed in the uterus, giving them an advantage. This fertility treatment is recommended for couples who are having difficulty conceiving because of low sperm count, poor sperm motility, ejaculation issues, or cervical conditions. Consult the Best IVF clinic in India. Book an Appointment with Dr. Narhari Malagaonkar for fertility concerns. What is the process of intrauterine insemination? Fertility specialists may prescribe ovulation-stimulating medications before insemination, and they will monitor you carefully to determine when the eggs are mature. The intrauterine insemination procedure is performed at the time of ovulation. Ovulation is indicated by the surge of LH hormone and is processed 24-36 hours after the surge of the hormone. After the sperm samples are collected and washed in the laboratory, the sperm are separated from the fluid. The sperm is then inserted directly into the uterus using a catheter. It is less invasive than IVF, causes less discomfort, and is performed as an outpatient procedure that only takes a few minutes. Need help and consider IVF? Consult a fertility specialist to discuss your options and learn how intrauterine insemination may benefit you. What are the benefits of intrauterine insemination? Infertility is a common condition that is becoming a cause of concern. IUI treatment is one of many options to overcome infertility and help couples conceive. The insemination procedure improves the chances of pregnancy by increasing the number of sperm entering the uterus. Is IUI effective? To determine the success of the breeding process, many factors must be considered. Some of the factors that affect its success are the woman's age, use of fertility medication, and the cause of infertility. The average pregnancy rate in couples using insemination in combination with fertility medication was between 8 and 17% per cycle. As a result, those who had multiple cycles were more likely to conceive than those who used fertility medication. compared to IVF, IUI has a lower success rate.

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