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blog details: Protegent360 free Antivirus Software is a security software that provides guaranteed protection to your computer, laptop, etc. Protegent360 free Antivirus Software is developed with a two-layer architecture that not only protects your computer from the latest strains of viruses, malware, trojans, phishing. attacks, worms and spam attacks, but also allows users to browse the web and internet activities without risk. your top-rated free antivirus software protects you from new threats in the digital age. It's easy to use and runs smoothly in the background, giving your computer the protection it needs to stay one step ahead. The world's only free antivirus with data recovery software 1-Blocks malware and malware in real time 2-It stops hackers from attacking your computer 3-Ensures your PC runs smoothly 4-Prevents your sensitive data from unauthorized access 5-Comes with advanced cloud protection 6-Advanced DNA scan 7-Sandbox technology

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