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blog details: Life’s better with holidays but even better with travel agents. We @happyholidays give you the best travel experience at affordable prices. Save yourself the time, hassle and money. Book our travel agent! No! This is not the wrong article, but just a definition of marketing. After reading the advertisement presented above, a person will think of hiring a travel agent rather than booking a trip on his own. Therefore, marketing serves as a channel between the brand and its customers. However, it is of no doubt that marketing has evolved with time and that it is not only limited to branding and advertisement. No one knows what the future holds, but the future of sales and marketing can be predicted based on present leading strategies. Here are some of the top marketing trends you should embrace in 2023: 1. CX or Customer Experience Marketing A company leads by fulfilling customer needs. Besides the products and services that are provided, customers should be placed at the apex of a brand’s performance. Gone are the days of newspaper advertisements or the company advertising for their products. In this age, before you even convince people to buy your products, they will do a thorough research on their own. Therefore, the ultimate focus should be the customer’s experience with the brand and for this, it is necessary to deliver quality products and services. According to Hubspot Research by Michael Redbord, “93% of customers are more likely to make repeat purchases with companies who provide excellent customer service”. Have you ever wondered, why Netflix is the topmost entertaining OTT platform even when other such platforms co-exist? This is because, they give their users the freedom to consume content whenever and however they want, at their convenience or in short, they feed their consumers with what they want. Therefore, the goal is to provide an outstanding customer experience that will encourage customer loyalty. This is how customers promote products and help the brand grow. 2. Visual Content Over Text Besides textual content, visuals can be a great way to get the audience enchanted towards a brand. Imagine there never existed visual commercials and what you only ever saw is plain text running on the four corners of your screen promoting a random company’s product? Such a commercial would not in any way affect the company or the item that it is promoting. Textual Visual In an article titled, Polishing Your Presentation, 3M Meeting Network states that we as humans have the ability to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which means that we can consume 60,000 words in just a short visual In today’s digital climate, the most trending visual form of marketing is Instagram reels. A brand borrows the concept of trending reels and turns them into a visual advertisement for their products and services. Engagement occurs not only through posting stories for your present following, but also through reels which are far more effective and have a reach beyond your followers mostly via Instagram explore. Apart from TikTok, Instagram has both, Millennial and Gen Z audience, which implies that reels influence more people. So, reel it and deal it! 3. Guerrilla Marketing The Term Guerrilla Marketing, coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book bearing the former title, is said to be an advertising approach in which a brand performs an unexpected or unconventional publicity stunt to promote its products and services. A classic example of this type of marketing is the Domino’s Paving for Pizza Campaign which initiated in fixing problematic roads of America thereby using a tagline, “Bad roads shouldn’t happen to good pizza”. In a financially competitive era, it is best buy to resort to Guerrilla Marketing because it is cost-effective and its unique and unusual nature is more likely to have a long-lasting impact on consumers. 4. Meme Marketing Yes! You read that right. If anything is capable of capturing the audience’s attention then it is memes. Among other techniques, this requires the least equipment needed for marketing. If you have Picsart or Canva, grab your phone and create a meme using a fun narrative. Gone are the days when children would cry for dolls and cars. Now, customers will amusingly consider purchasing your product. In December 2018 something similar happened when Instagram was flooded with memes that featured pictures from the movie — Bird Box. The memes became so viral that Bird Box became the most watched film in the first week of its release on Netflix. 5. Personalization When Bruno Mars sang, “Oh every time I close my eyes, I see my name in shiny light”, and he felt like a billionaire, that’s exactly what customers feel when they see their names on brand messages, websites, etc. Think how important customers feel when Starbucks writes their names on their coffee or when they receive personal text messages from different brands. This is therefore an attractive marketing strategy to get repeat customers who feel they are being treated like as VIP. 6. Unique Innovations Nowadays, publishing firms sell books with a spotify code at the back of the cover which bears a playlist of songs that set the mood for a customer to read their book. As a result, there is no need to fuss over choosing a playlist. Not only that, spotify codes are being used on keychains and photo frames that are gifted to loved ones sharing a moment with a song. In doing so, customers are more likely to buy a product bearing creativity over a product that is ordinary. This brings us to a conclusion that digital marketing trends is the only way to get your products and services to your customers which is why competition in the market is persistently on the rise. Although marketing changes its techniques with time, its motive remains constant and for products to sell like hot cakes, brands need to keep up with these trends.

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