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blog details: Recycling is a major initiative undertaken particularly by the plastic industry to minimise plastic waste and widen its capabilities through ample R&D. Most of the plastic waste can be reprocessed and reused without any compromise on its performance and its general properties. This saves the company a good sum of money and also helps in building a more sustainable and eco-centric company which is a norm across industries across the globe. If you are not going “green,” you are probably going to “sit on the bench” eventually. Hence, it makes perfect business sense and is also helpful to our environment to go “green” and invest in recycling plastic waste for various industrial applications. One of the biggest challenges of recycling plastic waste is the odour it emits which comes from the recycled plastic granules This is mainly because of the chemical, dirt, moisture, contaminants, and microorganisms that have accumulated over time. Unless this is tackled during the initial phases, chances are the odour will remain in the final product which obviously will be counterproductive for the entire process. Odour removal masterbatches are made specifically to neutralise odours on the first go. It is excellent in absorbing odours from post-consumer recycled materials and other organic compounds with ease. It does not emit any smell of its own and helps in neutralising any other smell on account of the active ingredients consisting of microporous inorganic material which have a high capacity to absorb odours, flavours, and volatile organic compounds. Blend Colours specialises in the production and distribution of odour removal masterbatches along with a wide portfolio of other offerings. With over two decades of varied experience in the industry, we have gained a solid foothold in the business by delivering world-class solutions for a very compelling price. What sets us apart from our contemporaries is our unfailing dedication to quality, consistency, and impeccable customer service. In addition to being an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company, we have also been accorded numerous awards and recognitions over the years such as the prestigious government-recognised One Star Export House, Two Star Export House, Gaurav SME Award, IPSA 2019 Award, Economic Times Award 2021, Plexconcil Export Award 2021, etc. This instils confidence in our clients and allows them to choose our services without any questions asked. Here at Blend Colours, we no more engage in competing with our peers or beating our annual targets – what we do now work our way towards creating a business ecosystem that supports innovation, sustainability, and quick turnaround.


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