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blog details: Why is it Important to Reduce Carbon Footprint? The significance of reducing carbon footprint can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Let's concentrate on the most crucial ones. The environment is being impacted by carbon footprint. The earth is being negatively impacted, which is the most evident reason why it is crucial to reduce carbon footprint. Increasing CO2 emissions have led to extraordinary climate changes such as melting ice caps, year-round rain showers, tropical storms, wildfires, and rising temperatures. Plant growth patterns are being impacted by changing precipitation patterns. Because of this, native vegetation is migrating to cooler regions. Shorelines are crumbling, ecosystems are being decimated, and sea levels are rising. All of this results in the relocation of different coastal cities and villages and the eradication of some islands and island states. Carbon footprints are wiping off wildlife. Specific weather patterns and vegetation significantly impact the conservation and preservation of wildlife. But as temperatures and weather patterns fluctuate more frequently, the vegetation has also changed, endangering several wildlife species. For instance, migratory birds may find plants that have either yet to blossom or have bloomed too early when they reach their locations. These elements contribute to hunger and, eventually, extinction. According to a report by the Nature Conservancy, if climate change keeps escalating at the current rate, at least 25% of the world's species will become extinct in the next 40 years. Like this, they are melting Arctic ice caps destroy polar bears' hunting areas. The health of people is impacted by carbon footprint. Drought and climate change hinder the development of food crops. In turn, this leads to a lack of harvests and increased starvation. Increased carbon footprints can harm human health, especially children living in unsanitary and drought-prone areas and the environment and wildlife. Droughts also worsen access to clean drinking water and spread infections that cause diarrhoea. Additionally, more people are now experiencing respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, and allergies due to most cities' deteriorated air quality index. A high carbon footprint might hinder economic growth. According to several studies, climate change impacts nations that rely on their land for agriculture and natural resources. Additionally, the fact that it poses a danger to the economy underscores the significance of lowering the carbon footprint. Reduced crop yields, for instance, have been observed on Indian farms. Similar to this, the renowned New England lobster industry in Maine, USA, is in jeopardy due to an expanding carbon footprint and falling catch rates. This is severely impacting Maine's economic expansion. The threat posed by rising water temperatures to coral reef sustainability harshly blows the economy. The role of Agile Advisors as Carbon Footprint Consultants • Our staff members are skilled at collaborating with businesses of all sizes to encourage adherence to recognized voluntary carbon and energy disclosure schemes, such as CCAs, CRC, ESOS, SEAI Energy Audit Scheme, SECR, EUETS, DJSI, GRI, and CDP. • To support a company's compliance with legal obligations, maximize voluntary programme participation, and improve understanding of the advantages of energy consumption and carbon emissions management, we use our expertise to harmonize the company's unique mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements and apply it to their available data set. • As one of the leading Carbon Footprint Consultant in India, we will collaborate with your company to determine the energy use and carbon emission characteristics that must be revealed. We'll certify which parts of the operation are covered by the disclosure effort. Together, we will gather the necessary information to create an energy and carbon emissions statement that satisfies all applicable legal reporting obligations and any voluntary initiatives the company has chosen to participate in. • Agile Advisors as carbon footprint consultants in India, use energy and carbon emission features that must be disclosed will be decided in conjunction with your organisation, and we'll certify which areas of operation are included in the disclosure effort. Together, we will gather the required data and use it to produce an energy and carbon emissions statement that satisfies all the legal reporting requirements and any voluntary programmes in which the company has chosen to participate.

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