Best Robotic Partial Knee Replacement in India

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blog details: Dr. Anoop Jhurani and his team have performed over 11,000 hip and knee replacement surgeries, providing patients the comfort of everyday routine after surgery. To provide surgical patients with the most satisfaction, he advises them to cycle, jog, exercise, swim, and participate in all physical activities after their surgery. Dr. Anoop Jhurani is an orthopedic physician specializing in partial knee replacement surgery and revision surgeries at his office in Jaipur, India. Dr. Jhurani has been trained by some of the world's leading surgeons and specializes in performing robotic partial knee replacement (RKR) procedures. He also performs revision surgeries and revisions to existing implants and provides total hip and knee replacement surgery services for adult, and children patients with degenerative joint disease. Some Advantages of Partial Knee Replacement with Robotic Assist Although robotic-assisted partial knee replacement appears to be something out of a science fiction movie, it is an FDA-approved treatment. Patients with osteoarthritis who have joint damage in either the inner or outer section of the knee may benefit more from robotic surgery than traditional treatments. No one beats us when it comes to the best robotic partial knee replacement in Jaipur, India. 1. Robotic Assist Precise Surgery An orthopedic surgeon may precisely target damaged joint portions with a robotic-assisted partial knee replacement. During the procedure, the injured areas of the knee resurface; the healthy bone and surrounding tissues are left alone. 2. Faster Recovery The robotic-Assisted treatment is less intrusive than traditional replacement surgery, with smaller incisions and less disruption of the surrounding bone and tissue. As a result, patients have less post-treatment discomfort, heal faster, and can return to normal activities sooner. 3. Less scary with fewer cuts Robotic-Assisted therapy also ensures the patient's comfort during the knee replacement procedure. Because there is a smaller cut and less blood loss, it is less frightening than a standard replacement. Benefits of a Robotic Partial Knee Replacement Some of the benefits of the best robotic partial knee replacement surgery include: • Minimally intrusive • Faster recovery • Less pain • Less blood loss The bones, cartilage, and ligaments of the knee are preserved in partial knee replacements, so most patients feel that they feel more "natural" than after total knee replacements. A single-compartment knee may also flex more easily. Dr. Anoop Jhurani is one of India's best partial knee replacement surgeons in India.

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