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blog details: You can review a session after a live interview to see whether or not a prospect fits a job post and your company culture. It is among the top scenario-based interviewing programs. Easy Sim® is an online tool for assessing pre-employment skills that makes it easier to design tests that are specific to the best competency mapped scenario driven simulated learning platform talents of the individuals being tested and hired. Fully Customizable Tests Make your own test and choose the level of difficulty you want for the questions. Range of Skills to Test Various examinations for professionals in the BPO, IT, KPO, auto, and many more industries Engaging and Interactive Online quizzes are presented in a fun and interactive atmosphere. Enterprise Integration Each test's in-depth research and comprehensive findings allow you to tailor your questions. The quickest, wisest, and simplest route to competency-based talent management is Easy Sim®. You can now communicate your results to management and get data-supported best competency mapped scenario driven simulated learning platform insight into how your staff are performing and organisational strengths and shortcomings.

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