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blog details: Gayeb was red in the face from shame, humiliation and anger. He could not tell the boys his father’s name. How could he? He did not know it himself. Leaving the boys there, he rushed to find Sumedha. She must tell him who his father was. Sumedha was in the temple, showing Gayebi how to perform the mangal arati in honour of Surya Deva. Seething in anger, Gayeb snatched the dia (lamp) and flung it against the wall. The lamp broke. Gayeb asked his mother the same question, the boys had asked him earlier. Sumedha felt helpless. She did not know how to calm her son down. She could not tell her children that their father was none other than Surya Dev. No one would believe her. The only way her children would believe her if Surya Deb himself appeared before them and told them the truth. But, for that, Sumedha would have to chant the secret mantra. But how could she? Chanting the hymn once more would mean sheer death. She was not afraid to die. But her children were still so young. The very thought of leaving them once and for all gave her immense pain. It was dark everywhere. The queen of the slain ruler Nagaditya sat alone with her five-year-old son, unaware of her husband’s fate. She called out the names of her maids as she wanted to know some news of her husband badly. But no one answered. Cladding her little Bappa in a blanket she unlocked the huge sandalwood door with a set of gold keys that led her outside into the passage. The huge mahal (palace) seemed desolate, not a soul was there. Suddenly she heard some strange footsteps. The noise was not familiar. It did not seem to belong to a valiant Rajput or that of a maid or the old royal priest. Then who was it? Maharani felt shaken. Suddenly out of nowhere appeared a demonic figure and stood threateningly before her. He was the Bheel chieftain who after murdering her husband Nagaditya had now come for her and her baby. Mustering all the strength she could, the queen hurled the heavy bunch gold keys in her hand at the sardar and ran towards the exit with the child in her arms. To know the rest get your copy of Abanindranath Tagore’s Rajkahini from bengali online book store by visiting our website and see the magic unfold before your eyes.


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