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blog details: Have you ever noticed the plastic packaging done for most food items such as butter, cheese, ice cream, jam, juice, and curd? – They usually come in solid plastic containers which are smooth, compact, and well-shaped. The labels are also embedded on plastic surface instead of using paper in many cases which reduce cost and wastage. The technology behind this is known as moulding rigid packaging in the market. This packaging technology can be performed on various polymers such as PET, PP, HDPE and others. These final products are light, durable and can be moulded to meet its client's packaging requirements with ease. Its application can also be expanded to personal care, household, automotive, and healthcare industries. The rise in demand for moulding rigid packaging is mostly on account of rapid expansion in the food and beverage industry, which in turn, increases the demand for containers. The main reason for the increased demand for this technology is credited to its low-cost methodology while delivering highly effective packaging solutions that can be applied in multiple industries. Some of its key attributes are: Flexibility in design implementation Light and impact resistant More appealing and colourful There are various companies in the market that manufacture masterbatches for moulding rigid packaging to meet various requirements of their clients. These companies serve both domestic and international clients and invest their resources considerably to facilitate smooth production and distribution of the masterbatches. Blend Colours is among the top moulding rigid packaging masterbatch manufacturers in the business with over two decades of solid experience in the business. As an ISO 9001:2015 compliant company, we take matters of quality and consistency of our offerings very seriously. Our production floors and systems are based on years of experience, technological aptitude, and robust R&D initiatives. We are driven not merely by our goal to be the best but to bring about a series of changes in the industry that will pave the path for the future. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has accorded us numerous awards such as the prestigious government-recognised One Star Export House, Two Star Export House, Gaurav SME Award, IPSA 2019 Award, Economic Times Award 2021, and Plexconcil Export Award 2021 among others. Blend Colours offers its clients not only time-tested products fortified by our experience and commitment but also a long-term partner that will help them meet their potential by providing a rock-solid foundation upon which to build upon.


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