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blog details:     Educational games are more popular than ever today. Child-care specialists, researchers, educators, and parents understand why educational games are important for kids. Educational games enhance several cognitive functions. Educational games enhance problem-solving, critical thinking, analytical thinking, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and other abilities. However, there are several more ways in which educational games benefit children. Let's see how educational games for kids benefit them. Educational games for preschoolers teach self-care and hygiene. With best games for 3 year olds like Doctor, kids can learn the basics of medicine and science. While playing this game, kids get to role-play as a doctor and help their in-game friends. Kids learn to treat the flu, take care of ears & teeth, get an X-ray, clean wounds, and more. On the other hand, games like Bath teach kids about dental hygiene, bathing, cleaning clothes, and bathroom routines. Educational games boost interest in subjects at school. Several educational games for kids have historic settings and events that help players cultivate an interest in history and other subjects. Games like Axe-Man introduce kids to Vikings and their rich culture, while games like Pirates introduce kids to latter-day history. Both these games teach kids math as well. Axe-man also involves strategy building which makes it one of the most coloring games for kids. Educational games introduce kids to coding. Video games are often a child’s first introduction to the digital world. Educational games for kids can spark an interest in kids about technology, especially in those who may not be as interested in technology. SKIDOS has therefore developed games like Flipping Eck that make coding and technology fun. Flipping Eck is one of the best cool math car game and older. Flipping Eck is an adventure game where kids have to make the character jump through gaps carefully while learning math and coding. It’s a challenging little platform game where kids solve simple and age-specific exercises at every level. Educational games help build digital knowledge. The majority of the world operates digitally, from ordering groceries to complex banking transactions. Kids are now expected to learn how to operate computers and mobiles at a basic level so that they can join online classes and learn. Playing online educational games frequently gets kids accustomed to various technological systems like android, iOS, and computer software. Educational games for kids also help develop fine motor skills in kids. Educational games for preschoolers build real-world knowledge. Kids that are introduced to different objects and situations are far less likely to develop anxiety issues. Preschoolers often deal with issues like fear of unknown surroundings and separation anxiety. Educational games for preschoolers can introduce kids to new situations and surroundings. Kids can play online games that teach them about the real world in a safe space of their choosing. Games like Superstore Shopping Mall introduce kids to the real world in a fun and safe manner. Kids can learn about food, hairstyles, people, different objects, shopping, money, and more. Kids are thus empowered with knowledge and have far less social anxiety. Educational games for kids enhance language skills. Literacy has a direct correlation with education and academic excellence. Kids with better language skills excel in academics. Educational games improve kids' linguistic ability and make sure that kids excel in education. With educational games, kids can learn the alphabet, phrases, spellings, and communication. Educational games like ABC Town focus on developing children's language skills. With ABC Town, children learn more than 150 English words! Educational games help with mood regulation. Educational games for kids help them in solving puzzles, exercises, and problems. When kids overcome challenges within games it develops their confidence. Losing is also a part of playing any game. Games teach children to build resilience when they lose and teach them to play through frustration. Games can thus help regulate mood by working on the positive and negative aspects of behavior. Games like Go Ball are great educational games for 5 year olds and older. Go Ball is an appropriately challenging game wherein kids have to move the tiles to create a path for the ball to roll over to the other end. SKIDOS has created over 40 educational games that have several more benefits than mentioned above. We offer a wide variety of educational games with unique themes that are sure to interest children of all ages. We have developed educational games with themes that involve fantasy, role-play, sports, racing, running, and more. Our games are safe, kid-friendly, and contain no ads. With our SKIDOS subscription pass up to 6 users can enjoy the benefits of a single account. Visit for information on educational games!    

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