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blog details: Vaster Life Sciences is a well-distinguished shrimp growth promoter manufacturer in India. We manufacture dependable products conforming to quality and safety norms that are largely appreciated in the aqua assiduity. Growth promoters are generally used in ultramodern aqua husbandry for increased growth and productivity. For optimum growth of shrimp, a growth protagonist should be fed with a nutritive diet containing sufficient quantities of essential amino acids, adipose acids, vitamins, minerals. occasionally, nutrients present in the feed may not fully help in the growth of shrimp. To make all the essential nutrients a part of shrimp’s diet, promoters are fed. A growth protagonist contains all essential nutrients in the right quantities and helps in increased growth and performance of shrimps. We're esteemed shrimp growth protagonist manufacturers offering products that are rich in folic acid, glutamic acid, lysine, glycine, liver excerpts, vitamin A, D3, K3, E, etc. To mileage decoration quality growth promoters, give us a call.


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