Laparoscopic Surgery Purpose & Procedure

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blog details: Laparoscopy can be used to help diagnose a wide range of conditions that develop inside the abdomen or pelvis. It can also be used to carry out surgical procedures, such as removing a damaged or diseased organ, or removing a tissue sample for further testing (biopsy). The process takes its name from the laparoscope, a slender tool that has a tiny video camera and light on the end. When a surgeon inserts it through a small cut and into your body, they can look at a video monitor and see what’s happening inside you. Without those tools, they’d have to make a much larger opening. Thanks to special instruments, your surgeon won’t have to reach into your body, either. That also means less cutting. Address - C-296, Near Emmanuel School, New Jawahar Nagar, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan 324005 Mail Id - Contact us - +91 7742561900 About us Jindal Endo-Laparoscopy Hospital is one of the prominent hospitals engaged in rendering especially in proctology surgeries (PILES, FISSURE, FISTULA, PLONIDAL SINUS) daycare surgeries, general surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, general surgeries, urology surgeries, plastic surgery, cancer surgery and all type of endoscopic work.

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