How do you get kids started with educational video games?

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blog details:   There are countless advantages to playing games. They improve children's hand-eye coordination, visual-spatial skills, social understanding, competitive spirit, mood regulation, and more! Young people who take advantage of educational opportunities tend to grow into adults with enhanced capacities for critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. When kids enjoy what they're doing, they are more likely to continue doing it in the future. So it's a great idea to combine play and education to pique kids' curiosity and encourage them to learn. On the contrary, when schoolwork and play are combined, kids reap the benefits of both activities at once. Educators have known for some time that educational video games represent the wave of the future. What might be the best way to introduce children to learning games, given their widespread acceptance and practicality? The solution is to give kids access to educational games that are also enjoyable and stress relieving. Children who are exposed to educational games at a young age are more likely to gravitate toward positive play and shun negative experiences. Here are some exciting math worksheet for kids for older kids that are also great for expanding their knowledge and skillsets.   Games in which players take on the roles of other characters Children's creativity and social development can benefit from playing role-playing games. Playing role-playing games can help kids learn to read and respond to social cues in real life. Since people of all ages enjoy assuming the roles of fictional heroes and villains, role-playing games are excellent options for teaching new concepts. Superstore Shopping Mall by SKIDOS is one such role-playing game that teaches kids about the real world through play. Super Store is just one of many math worksheets for kids and beyond that can help them conceptualize space, money, and the world around them. Kids can gain valuable life skills while playing Superstore, including how to change a tire, make a purchase, play an instrument, dress up as a variety of lovable characters, and more!   Hygiene education through play Bath was created by SKIDOS to teach kids about personal cleanliness in a lighthearted way. Kids can be encouraged to play educational games by the presence of endearing characters in those games. Care for some adorable stuffed animals while learning the basics of hygiene with the educational game Bath! We teach our kids how to take care of themselves from head to toe. Hygiene-focused math learning game, like Bath, are ideal for kids nine and up. When children are exposed to games like Bath at a young age, they are more likely to adopt positive patterns of play.   Learning Through Play: A Look at Science Games like Doctor, aimed at children aged 5 and up, combine the fun and excitement of gaming with the educational benefits of science. The game Doctor features three adorable characters that preschoolers will enjoy caring for. In this course, kids learn everything from how to treat the common cold to how to take care of their teeth and ears to how to use an X-ray machine and disinfect cuts. Inspiring a lifelong love of learning in young children, games like preschooler learning games & Doctor!   Video games involving races All kids, no matter their age, love racing games, which makes them ideal educational tools. Video games that focus on racing, such as Race Cars, can be used as educational tools for fifth graders. Children should have reached mathematical proficiency by that age. The math, coding, geometry, and shape recognition skills of kids can be honed and developed through games like Race Cars, which feature puzzles and exercises that teach these concepts. To appeal to kids who aren't car fans, there are also alternatives like Bike Racing and Snow Racing. The math skills of kids can be developed while they compete in races with cars, bikes, or skis.   Playing Sports By the time they're in the fifth grade, most kids have a solid grasp of sports knowledge. Sports-themed educational games for fifth graders are a great way to pique their interest and keep them engaged. SKIDOS's Street Soccer is a great example of a game that does double duty by both entertaining and instructing kids in math while they enjoy their favorite sport. Children can play a virtual version of soccer by collecting and personalizing their team of players in Street Soccer. They practice shooting, kicking, and scoring while also gaining skills in math, coding, and other areas. Although getting kids to play educational games is a challenge, SKIDOS makes it easy. That's because SKIDOS has created 40+ awesome, fun, and educational games for kids of all ages. SKIDOS provides many fun and engaging educational games for children. You can choose from a wide variety of games, including racing games, puzzle games, RPGs, adventures, and even science simulations. To maximize its value, our SKIDOS subscription pass allows for as many as six users per account. The dashboard of each game allows parents to act as media mentors by monitoring their children's activity and providing feedback. All games on SKIDOS are completely ad-free, age-appropriate, and safe for kids. Explore all of SKIDOS's games and find out more about our subscription pass if you're looking to introduce your kids to constructive learning games.

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