Types of Surveillance in Criminal Investigations

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blog details: In the process of investigating allegations of illegal behaviour, law enforcement agencies and private detectives often use a technique known as surveillance, which is the covert observation of individuals, locations, and vehicles. These methods include everything from direct observation to the use of technical equipment to listen in on conversations. However, surveillance exposes individuals to significant dangers. If a private investigator is seen working in a location, his or her ability to conduct further investigations there may be compromised. Any discovery of an undercover officer's true identity and mission can put them in danger of serious bodily harm or even death. There are 5 types of Surveillance in Criminal Investigations: 1. Electronic Monitoring 2. Fixed Surveillance 3. Stationary Technical Surveillance 4. Three-Person Surveillance 5. Undercover Operations Are you looking for the best CCTV Camera Installation Thirunelveli? We “SayCure” provides the best CCTV camera installation and services in Thirunelveli.

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