The Need Of software Testing In industry

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blog details: Software testing is a process to check whether the software product actually meets the requirements and to ensure that the software product is free of defects. It involves using manual or automated tools to operate software/hardware to identify one or more objects of interest. The purpose of software testing is to identify errors, weaknesses, or missing requirements from the actual requirements. Why it is important? Software testing is important because if there are bugs or errors in the software, they can be identified early and can be fixed before the software product is released. This well-tested software product ensures reliability, security, and high performance, which translates into time savings, cost efficiency, and customer satisfaction. It’s Scope In recent times, testing is seen as a real professional activity for many. From a test analyst, one can progress to become an advanced test engineer, from a test manager to a test manager; or alternatively, one can become a QA manager or QA manager. Additionally, the options around testing tools are extensive. There are many operational, performance, and security tools in addition to test management tools such as HP's Quality Center, IBM's CQTM, etc. The growth prospects in the software testing sector are huge.

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