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blog details: For both women and men, aging, excessive exercise, diabetes, eating disorders, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, environmental toxins, cancer treatments, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), stress, obesity, and being underweight all contribute to infertility. If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for more than a year after having unprotected sex but have been unsuccessful, it means that you or your partner or both are infertile. Infertility never stops you from being a parent. You can become a parent when you visit the best IVF center in Pune. Let's see how you can become a parent after consulting the doctor at the IVF clinic. But first, we must understand what causes infertility and how to avoid it to be fertile. For Women: • Abnormal Periods • Fallopian tube obstruction • Damage fallopian tube • Celiac disease • Kidney disease • Ectopic pregnancy • Cysts in the ovaries • Sickle cell disease • Endometriosis • Uterine fibroids • Uterine Polyps • Thyroid disorder • Pituitary gland dysfunction • Inflammation • Ovarian insufficiency • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) For Men: • Enlarged veins in the scrotum • Cystic fibrosis (CF) • Low sperm count. • Testicular Injury • Premature ejaculation • Low testosterone levels • Anabolic steroid overuse • Ejaculation in reverse • Cancer of the testicles • Heat exposure to testicles How Can I Avoid Infertility Forever? • Consume a well-balanced diet • Maintain physical activity • Don't use drugs. • Avoid smoking • Limit alcohol. • Get checked for STDs. • Toxin exposure should be limited. • Don't overdo exercise. • Keep a healthy weight Women's Infertility Diagnosis Process: For Women: • Body temperature • Pelvic examination • Blood test • Hysteroscopy • Laparoscopy • Ultrasound transvaginal • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) • Saline sonohysterography (SIS) For Men: • Analysis of sperm • Blood test • Scrotal Ultrasound Infertility Treatment Process for Female: Fertility Medication - fertility medication that helps to stimulate ovulation. Surgery - Surgery is only applicable to remove uterine fibroids and uterine polyps, treat endometriosis, and open blocked fallopian tubes. Related blog: A Detailed Guide to Female Infertility Infertility Treatment Process for Male: Fertility Medications - used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve hormone levels. Surgery - Surgery can help to improve the health of sperm. Related blog: A Detailed Guide to Male Infertility The right time to take fertility treatment: According to a survey, after the age of 35, the chances of increasing fertility begin to decrease and both men and women are recommended to talk to a fertility specialist to improve body function along with positive lifestyle changes. Procedures Associated with Treatment Before you prepare for the treatment, you should learn more about the treatment procedure, which includes a blood test and a hormonal balance check. Depending on her body condition, the woman may be prescribed fertility medication if necessary. Even the male partner must undergo sperm testing to determine the motility rate of the sperm, and if the results show that the sperm count is low, a donor is introduced to complete the process. the female partner will be undergoing numerous tests and observations. Every month a woman produces an egg in the uterus and the body gets it for the reproductive process. Test Tube Baby Center in Nashik examines the eggs closely and once they are found to be mature; they can remove the eggs for further treatment. For effective results, the mature eggs are either mixed with sperm drawn from the male partner or kept in the laboratory for several days until the best sperm is found. Pregnancy occurs after the embryo has successfully developed and transferred to the woman's uterus. With the efficient support provided by Test Tube Baby Center, the sooner you start, the more effectively you can control the situation rather than accepting any risk factors.

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