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blog details: Yes, there do exists one such SERP rank tracker with 99.5% data accuracy, its SERPPLE. Serpple is built with plenty of exclusive features to address the pain points of SEOs. The platform lets its users observe their daily rankings in a wink and visualize their organic growth through an extremely amazing user interface. Apart from tracking your organic rankings users can also track other rich SERP features if their site has ranked or figure out the changes of getting featured , the optimize it accordingly. There is also this special serpple score that is an accurate pointer that measures your organic performance on SERP. Apart from these there are many other features available in Serpple which would for sue save your time and 10X your organic growth by providing valid metrics to device a powerful SEO strategy that works. Are you eager to analyzing Serpple’s features. It’s quite easy Tooltips have been provided in all the pathways of Serpple, you need to just use your mouse over. Isn’t it amazing to know? But there is something yet super amazing, Serpple platform has now been revamped with most requested Competitor AI and the most Sought after Keyword research module will be out soon. Then click on the link provided below to claim your free access and explore the tool. Explore the tool — -> https://app.serpple.com/signup Happy Serppling! #SERP rank tracker#seo#seotips

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