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blog details: is all about smoking and smoking more! We love smoking our food and we want you to fall in love with it too. But smoking isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone. And it isn’t necessarily an art that everyone can’t do. Whether you are new to smoking or a seasoned smoker, we have something for you. offers indepth reviews of many different smokers ranging from electronic, propane, charcoal and pallet smokers. Our buying guides are essential if you are planning to buy a smoker to enjoy this great work of food art. Without proper knowledge and education, a lot of people can end up buying a smoker that they don’t understand or simply end up buying a broken product. We as a team of smoking lovers, decided to join hands find some of the best smokers around the country and test them to help you decide which one will suit you the best. Moreover, if you have recently bought a smoker, or better yet, if you received it as a gift; you probably are wonder what to do with it now. is here to help you with that too! Our experts occasionally share their favorite recipes on our blog and help you figure out food that you never imagined existed. We even lay out some industry expert tips to help make smoking easier, cleaner, healthier and effortless.


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