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blog details: Best Time to Visit the Hampta Pass Trek: The best time to trek to Hampta is from June to late October. During the months of summer, monsoon, and early Autumn, the trek changes its appearance dramatically. From June to mid-July, the trekkers can expect quite an amount of snow, blanketing the landscape from Balu ka Ghera and onwards. The valley here is narrow, and it is not located right in the way of the sunrays. Trekkers can experience the monsoons on the trekking path from July to August. However, after the pass, the trail lies in the rain shadow region of the Pir Panjal Range of the lesser Himalayas. Hence, there is no rain on the Lahaul side while the rest of India encounters rainfall. With September, the weather improves, and colorful varieties of wildflowers can be spotted. The skies are clearer with no rain clouds around this time. Temperatures come down as much as 10°C in the daytime. A fast-approaching October makes temperatures drop every week around this time, slowly inching towards a frigid winter. https://www.reccytravel.com/hiking-in-india/manali/hampta-pass-trek/ hampta pass trek

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