What is Angular JS and its advantages?

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blog details: AngularJS is a client-side JavaScript MVC framework for building robust web applications. AngularJS was developed as a project at Google, but now it is an open-source framework. Advantages of AngularJS • This is an open-source JavaScript MVC framework • Powered by Google • It's just JavaScript and HTML so there's no need to learn a scripting language • It supports the separation of concerns using MVC design principles • Built-in attributes (directives) make HTML powerful. • Easy to deploy and configure • It supports single-page applications • It uses injection based • It is easy to test one • It is REST compatible At the IT Education center, AngularJS training in Pune is designed and implemented by experts according to business requirements. Here, we offer the opportunity to work in real-time under the guidance of our experts; we conduct mock interviews and personality development to prepare them to face any interview for business their dreams. So, if you are looking for AngularJS courses in Pune, your search is just a click away. Visit us now.

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