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blog details: The software industry is one of the fastest moving industries in Bangladesh. It has maintained significant growth year on year for the past decade reaching as high percentages as 40% overall growth. This growth has led to a major expansion of all areas of software and broader IT enabled services industry. In the past custom software development and IT outsourcing was the main area where the industry was revolving around, however over the past few years independent software product companies serving both the domestic and the international market has been growing at an even higher pace than the traditional IT services sector. With this expansion of skills and maturity has followed significant interest from software investment firms. On top of this software is a focus area of the government which has led to availability funds and resources from various government agencies. This had led to a very exciting and innovative startup environment for software companies. In this fast moving industry it’s hard to do a top 5 without leaving out many great companies. But we will take stab at it and select top 5 companies (in our opinion) who are leading the space in 5 separate categories.


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