What Would the World Look Like Without Festival Wristbands?

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blog details: Those who run Ibiza clubs, organise festivals, functions etc. would be unable to think about how to organise an event without festival wristbands. They help manage entrance to venues and clearly identify guests and any allowances they should be granted. Actually, festival bracelets came into existence just 20 years ago. They grew in popularity as printing techniques improved greatly and that enable us to print on various highly flexible materials that could be wrapped around the wrist. From there imagination took over. Festival and event organisers soon realised that material could be shaped into a wristband. Add various colours or styles to the wristband, and it not only makes the wristband look good but adds functionality. For example, people wearing a certain colour wrist band were allowed access to certain sections of the event. Imagine a football stadium – there are different sections, and each section has its own ticket price. But how do you control people or prevent them from crossing into higher-value sections? Wristbands are the key. Each section can have its own colour code. All people in that section will have the same-coloured wristbands. As we said, imagination took over. Multiple colours, colour bands, QR codes, Bar codes and luminous colours were added into the mix and festival wristbands became the popular product that they currently are. Now festival wristbands are available with RFID chips that can be used to even pay for drinks or food on-site meaning that the venue can operate cashlessly. Just imagine, without the festival wristbands, you would have to ask to see the ticket of each guest – which means they would have to always carry it on them. Permitting access to certain restricted areas would mean checking the name against a list. Anyone could pass the invitation on to someone else. There was simply no way to secure the festival event. Custom Festival wristbands are all about convenience for both guests and the organisers. Anyone wearing the correct festival wristband gets in. Those not wearing it, do not. Anyone wearing a particular-coloured festival wristband or a particular patterned festival wristband gets access to certain restricted areas of the venue and so forth. To make it even more secure, bar codes and QR codes can be added. A security official with a simple handheld scanner can know the name, age, gender, and access level of the visitor by just scanning the festival wristband. This is something that would have been impossible without the festival wristbands custom or the personalised festival wristbands. One of Europe’s leading suppliers of identity solution products for festivals and all types of events is Wristbands Europe. They fabric festival wristbands, Tyvek wristbands and even lanyards. With great prices and fast delivery times, they are a company of choice for many event organisers such as music festival wristbands. The best place to order your personalized festival wristbands is at www.wristbandseurope.com.

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