Understanding IUI Failure: Its Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

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blog details: What is Intrauterine insemination (IUI)? Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the infertility treatment for couples who have been unable to conceive for a year. This process does not require vast technical knowledge. It only takes a few minutes to complete and causes little pain. Many gynecologists can do it in their clinic. It is the preferred treatment before IVF because it is less costly. IUI Failure: Understand the Possible Causes What is IUI? When is IUI suggested? What causes IUI procedures to fail? Are any signs of IUI failure? What are the symptoms of IUI failure? What is the Next step after failed IUI? Why does IUI fail? What should you do if your 1st IUI fails? How many IUI cycles should I try before IVF? What is IUI? IUI is also known as Artificial insemination. The procedure involves washing, processing, and separating motile and immotile sperm from a sample of male semen. After, to help in fertilization, higher motility sperm are inserted into a woman’s uterus during ovulation. The last goal is to send more sperm into the fallopian tube, which will increase the chances of fertilization. The procedure only takes a just few minutes. When is IUI suggested? The following are the most common reasons: Low Sperm Count - IUI is typically recommended for men who have a low sperm count. Sperm Motility - For an IUI to be successful, the total motile sperm count should be at least 10 million after washing the sperm. Ejaculation Issue - When a man has ejaculatory dysfunction, IUI may be recommended. Unexplained Infertility - In cases of unexplained infertility, IUI is also performed. IUI is not advised in cases of severe male infertility or when a woman has a tubal blockage, endometriosis, or a history of pelvic infections. What is the cause of IUI failure? IUI has a low success rate, but it depends on the cause of infertility, the age of the woman, and the duration the couple has been trying to conceive. According to studies, the pregnancy rate for each natural cycle is about 5%, and the pregnancy rate when the cycle is stimulated with fertility medication is 7-16%. The reasons why IUI fails may differ from person to person, depending on their age, egg quality, and a variety of other factors. Some of the IUI failure symptoms or IUI failure reasons are as follows: Poor Quality Eggs Poor egg quality symptoms can be linked to chromosomal issues, making them one of the causes of failed IUI. Age Age decreases the quality of the egg. The embryo and its implantation are impacted by the degraded egg quality. This then turns into one of the main causes of IUI failure. Sperm quality Poor-quality sperm will not be able to fertilize the egg, resulting in IUI failure. Timing After ovulation, the egg remains in the fallopian tube for 12-24 hours, if there is no sperm to fertilize the egg during that time, it will disintegrate. Therefore, the timing must be perfect. Ovulation There may be a minor ovulation issue. What are the symptoms of IUI failure? There are no specific symptoms of IUI failure. If the procedure is not successful, your period will start. It is also the cause of early pregnancy in 85% of cases. However, if you experience severe cramping or discomfort, you should pay attention to any unusual vaginal discharge and contact your doctor immediately. What is the Next step after failed IUI? If a woman has a history of 3 - 4 failed IUI cycles, has a low ovarian reserve, and is over the age of 35, she should consider IVF as a significant treatment as the next step after failed IUI. Various studies and research have shown that IVF and, in the case of severe male factor infertility, ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) can significantly increase the chances of conception and overcome IUI failure. Related video: https://youtu.be/YAqwi4eOxtE Also, despite being less expensive than IVF, IUI is by no means a cheap procedure. The cost keeps rising along with the number of treatments and attempts and the effects of IUI failure on infertility. In addition, pregnancy symptoms following a failed IUI also have a low success rate in comparison to other ART techniques. Therefore, it is strongly advised that a couple consult an IVF specialist rather than continuing to try after 3 - 4 unsuccessful attempts and no signs of pregnancy from IUI. IUI Success Story at Progenesis Fertility Center https://youtu.be/kAik_UGP6pk “The patient came to Progenesis Fertility Center after failing to conceive a child. They underwent infertility treatments at several different clinics but did not get positive results. They heard about Dr. Malagaonkar’s Progenesis Fertility Center and readily opted for the treatment. They are blessed with the baby. IUI treatment is equally handy for the malefactor and the female factor in any pregnancy. It has its utility under some conditions for both of them. When we see IUI in the realm of IVF treatments, then we find that it is an entry-level treatment. It means that if things are not that complicated, then IUI can be a great help.” FAQs: Why does IUI not work? The failure of IUI can be attributed to various factors. Endometriosis, poor sperm quality, decreased ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, etc. are some of the common causes of failed IUI. What should you do if your 1st IUI fails? A failed iui cycle hurt, whether it is your first failed IUI or fourth. You should seek the advice of a Fertility Specialist at a reputable fertility clinic to receive an accurate diagnosis and the best possible care for your problems. How many IUI cycles should I try before IVF? Your decision to try IVF is influenced by the cause of your inability as well as the number of failed IUI attempts. If you have had more than 2-3 failed IUI attempts or if you have unexplained infertility, it is time to reconsider your options and try IVF.

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