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blog details: Communication devices are also referred to in the field as AAC, SGD, augmentative communication, alternative communication. People also call them voice boxes, Talking Boxes, voice machines, voice buttons, talking buttons, speech devices. Regardless of what you call them, they are devices that help people with poor speech or no speech communicate their wants and needs. GoTalk Fit An easy-to-use 4 or 9 message voice output device. Activate the easy on/off switch and begin to record messages on each of 3 levels for a total of 12 or 27 messages in this small handheld device. Each level is designated by a different color LED and while switching modes occurs by holding in the Record Mode and listening for the auditory single beep to indicate the 4 message mode or two beeps to indicate 9 message mode. A powerful communication device that's hand-held for quick access. The plastic cover makes it perfect to toss into a purse, bag, or pocket without the buttons accidentally being pressed. iTalk4 Activate the colored top to play the desired message. New messages are easily and quickly recorded to the iTalk4 on the fly, or use the levels to pre-record up to three sets of messages ahead of time. Includes 4 clear snap covers to attach picture symbols. GoTalk 32 Stand It's machined from expanded vinyl, so it's lightweight and durable. Includes non-skid rubber feet to prevent unintentional movement. Ideal for direct select or scanning users. Folds flat for easy transport or storage. Vinyl Picture Pockets High-quality clear vinyl pocket with re-positionable and reusable adhesive backing. These are a heavy 8-gauge (8 mil) clear material on the front with a 6-gauge adhesive back to reduce wrinkling and curling. Attainment Talker The AT24 has 24 messages with (¾-inch) active message areas. Touch each active area to play back recordings. To increase the active area size and decrease the number of messages, simply record the same message in multiple areas. By grouping 4 message squares together and recording the same message on all 4 areas, you can create 6 larger active areas. Then place a larger picture over each of the grouped 4 message squares. For more details about Augmentative Communication Devices Please visit our website:


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