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blog details:   This holiday season, help your child learn while also reveling in the spirit of the season. For kids, nothing beats the fun of a good game. This holiday season, parents can relax knowing their children can enjoy educational games online that feature a Christmas theme. Instead of wasting time on tedious study methods like homework and math worksheets for preschoolers and graders, kids can get a head start on their math education with a fun learning game. Online math games for kids with a holiday theme can be a lot of fun. Holiday-themed educational games cover a wide range of topics, from sports to fantasy to adventure to racing to cook to transportation. Any kid of any age would enjoy playing these games. Over 40 games specifically learning games for 2 year olds have been created by SKIDOS. This holiday season, why not give your kids the gift of our Christmas pass bundle? Bundle kids can have a blast and develop important skills with our Christmas pass. Browse the games included in our holiday discount pass.   Educate and Amaze Yourself Through Play The educational app SKIDOS Play and Discover features animated puzzles and games that help kids learn the alphabet, shapes, animals, fruits, numbers, and colors. Play & Discover is a colorful puzzle game with engaging animations that teaches kids a variety of concepts in a playful way. Learning games for 5 year olds like Play and Discover are fantastic for teaching young children about their world and expanding their horizons. Preparing kids for school is easy with SKIDOS' Play and Discover. The Christmas edition of SKIDOS takes kids to the North Pole, the Circus, and the Kitchen, among other places. Children can assist Santa in preparing the toys and gifts for delivery. The Christmas set includes an aquarium and a snowman-making activity for kids.   Imaginary Game Kids who enjoy stories of adventure and fantasy will adore Fantasy Games. Learning games for 5th graders can learn while having fun with Fantasy World, an educational game set in a fantastical world populated by trolls, gnomes, witches, dragons, and more. Young ones can play soccer in the sky, make royal feasts in the kitchen, and create new creatures in the polymorph lab. Children can play treasure hunts, create their princess dresses and potions, and much more! Fantasy Game is unlike any other online math game for kids because it incorporates math puzzles into the main gameplay. The SKIDOS Holiday Bundle includes a trip to Santa Claus Island and an inside look at his workshop. Helping Santa, riding on his sleigh pulled by reindeer, and putting up the Christmas tree are all fun activities for kids. To celebrate the holiday season, Fantasy Game includes a winter clothing designer and a candy maker for kids. Planes is a math and plane-flying game designed for kids aged 4 and up. In Planes, kids can put together their planes from a variety of 3D plane parts. Children's creativity, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills can all benefit from putting together a variety of components. More than ten different planes are available for kids to fly and play with. When compared to other online math games for kids, Planes has thousands of math and coding puzzles. Young fans of airplanes and space travel will love games like Planes. Kids can construct holiday-themed airplanes with the SKIDOS Christmas Bundle. By putting together the planes' various parts—such as their wings, propellers, windows, and wheels—kids can create a variety of fun aircraft. Children can design and fly their own Santa plane.   This is not your typical maths-teaching game; instead, it's called Bakery Bakery. Bakery teaches kids how to bake while also exposing them to real-world recipes and math challenges. Bakery's audio and visual aids for learning math are great tools for young learners. Math, number sense, logic, and fractions are taught as kids work through puzzles and games designed to test their skills. The SKIDOS Holiday Bundle allows children to make a variety of treats with their adorable monster pals. Kids learn to make traditional holiday treats from scratch using only the best ingredients. Online math cooking game Bakery is a great way to teach kids about both math and cooking while providing a relaxing environment for learning. Preschoolers and elementary school students can learn in many other ways besides just reading, doing homework, and solving math worksheets. Playing educational games online with a young child can be a great way to encourage learning and development. With this in mind, SKIDOS has created more than 40 games that are appropriate for children, educational, and fun. Up to six people can share one SKIDOS subscription and all its perks. For our subscription pass and the SKIDOS holiday special, please visit skidos.com.

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