What can I do to increase my IVF success?

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blog details: Before starting IVF treatment, there are few things you can do to prepare for an IVF cycle. Many of the recommendations below are not only beneficial for a successful IVF cycle, but they are also beneficial to your overall health. - Increase sperm health: Avoiding harmful environmental factors such as smoking, heat exposure, strenuous exercise, toxins, certain medications, or excessive alcohol consumption. Exercise and a healthy diet can help you reduce stress and maintain a healthy body weight. Include supplements in your diet: A woman can take certain supplements to prepare for IVF. - Vitamin D: It is important to check your vitamin D levels to make sure you are not deficient in vitamin D. Getting enough vitamin D can improve your body's response to IVF treatment. - Prenatal vitamins: Prenatal vitamins are often recommended when trying to conceive. - Maintain a healthy weight: An unhealthy BMI can affect pregnancy rates, increase the risk of miscarriage and lead to poor IVF outcomes. Before you start trying to get pregnant, talk to your doctor about what a healthy BMI is for you. This increases your chances of IVF success and reduces your risk of complications after you become pregnant. - Control your stress levels: Stress and mental health affect your overall health and can interfere with pregnancy and IVF success. Mental and emotional stress can lead to additional physical stress, which negatively affects your body. It's also important to maintain healthy sleep habits, which are often disrupted by extra stress throughout the day. - Caffeine and alcohol consumption: It is important to keep track of your daily caffeine intake. Too much caffeine can impair your ability to conceive during your IVF cycle. Caffeine consumption should be reduced or eliminated while you prepare for your IVF cycle. - Check your medications: Tell your fertility doctor about any medications you are taking as you prepare to start your IVF cycle. Some medications can interfere with fertility medications or cause hormonal imbalances. Make a list of all medications you take, including common medications such as thyroid medications, and skin products. Medications for depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions should be discussed with your IVF doctor. - Initial consultation with IVF experts: We recommend that you ask as many questions as necessary during your initial consultation to feel comfortable and confident about moving forward. The IVF process is extensive and detailed and it is important to be prepared for what may take the next few weeks/months. It is always best to consult with a fertility specialist to ensure you have the best and most up-to-date medical information and methods available.

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