6 Biggest Web Design Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

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blog details: Websites represent businesses online and are at the forefront of driving leads, conversions, and revenue. A flawless user experience for any website must be ensured to succeed in this digital time. If it’s uninviting or outdated, users will most likely just leave. A professional website is a requirement for gaining new customers, establishing credibility, and building great client relationships. It can help you grow your business as a flawless design creates a great impression on your potential customers inducing them to take the desired action. Avoiding the below-listed mistakes will help developers and individual website owners to build engaging and interactive websites that offer a delightful user experience. If you have not managed to conquer these basics, you are potentially losing out on new customers and fans, which could seriously affect your business. Unclear CTAs A call to action or CTAs is very important because it guides and encourages your visitors on what they should do next. When the CTAs are buttons on a site, there are some general things you need to follow. The message that you want to give through CTAs should be clear to your audience, so Try to keep your CTA as simple as possible. An Unclear call to action would affect your conversion rate heavily, so try to avoid this mistake as long as you can. Non-Responsive Design Responsive design ensures your site reformats and displays a seamless experience when viewed on any device. If your site is not responsive and mobile-friendly, your rankings will suffer and mobile users won't stay on your site. It is one of the top reasons why visitors leave a website. A non-responsive website is hard to navigate or operate on a phone screen, and will likely suffer in the SERPs as a result. Slow Loading Internet users are more impatient than ever so if your website doesn't load fast, you’ll lose visitors quickly. Slow website loading speed is also bad for SEO rankings. Google prefers faster-loading websites because they’re more user-friendly and easy to operate. Increasing website speed is necessary for brands and online businesses to improve their traffic, conversions, leads, sales, and ROI. Poor Graphics Photos and graphics are a critical part of the structure of your website and if they are not of the highest quality they will negatively affect your brand and the overall user experience on your website. Many businesses are still not paying attention to their graphics and are using irrelevant and low-quality images. It will muck up your website and turn off your users, which will hurt your conversions. Terrible Navigation Bad website navigation is the top factor that causes user frustration. A good website design is not only limited to improving your website usability or reputation but also contributes toward easing your website navigation. If you are looking to drive more traffic and leads to your website, you need to improve your website navigation with high-quality design. Poor Use of Content Content is an essential part of your website and SEO strategy. Content glorifies your product or service and helps to administer the main purpose to the users. Pay enough attention to the content you write and how the content is laid out on the page. Also, your website should have a moderate amount of content and provide updated information. Make sure people won’t get overwhelmed when they’re trying to access the information they need. A website could be your business’s most important part, so you need to make it flawless with amazing features and outstanding functionality to create a good first impression. Always keep your brand image and target audience in mind at every step of the design process. If you need help with presenting your business online with attractive web design, contact Swayam Infotech and schedule a meeting for a detailed discussion. We will cover all the nuances and help to avoid common website design mistakes and can help to ensure your website looks attractive, loads fast, and is up to date.


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