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blog details: In India, music is loved by all and any occasion would feel lifeless without it. Though, the excitement and enthusiasm of true music resonated with Live Bands. We sometimes feel lost at thoughts of how to hire and what be the price of hiring a live band. The cost of hiring a live band for an Indian wedding can vary widely depending on several factors such as the band's experience, location, and the type of event. On average, a famous live band for an Indian wedding can cost from a couple of thousand rupees to several lakhs rupees per event. The cost of live bands will also depend on the number of band members, the duration of the performance, and the type of music they play. The cost of hiring a live band for an Indian wedding can also depend on the state you live in and the region you are located in. For example, a live band in a metropolitan city like Mumbai or Delhi may cost higher compared to smaller cities or towns. It's best to contact StarClinch, as they have a thousand live bands available in their portal. You can hire or book a rock band for your events according to your budget and requirements. StarClinch is an online platform that connects clients with live bands. The platform allows clients to browse through a wide variety of bands based on factors such as genre, budget, location, etc; and clients can also view the bands' profiles, which typically include information such as past performances, audio and video samples, and reviews from other clients. StarClinch also helps clients to get the perfect match of live bands for their events by providing them with a dedicated account manager who will assist them with the booking process of live bands hire for parties. The account manager will work with the client to understand their specific requirements and preferences, and will then recommend the best-suited live music bands for their (Indian) wedding. Additionally, they also offer an escrow service, which ensures that the payment is made securely and only released once the band has performed at the client's functions.

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