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blog details: About Us Atlantis Chemical Industries ACI commenced business in the year 1996. ACI continued the legacy of Associated Chemical Industries, Erit Distributors, and Erit Industries founded Mr. Siddiq Ahmed. ACI are the pioneers of introducing household usage of bleach in Pakistan. ACI enjoyed 66 years of unmatched expertise in handling, manufacturing, processing and packing of household chemicals. Atlantis Chemical Industries ACI undertakes the packaging or production lines for big companies. The companies-clients provide us the formulas and the stuff required for packing and then we produce their products. We can manufacture products to your own specifications under your private label name or customize products to suit your needs. We invite companies of all sizes and backgrounds to take advantage of our services and expertise in bringing new products to the marketplace. Our main thrust and focus is on Private Label manufacturing of Home Care Products like Liquid Toilet Cleaner, Acid Toilet Cleaners, Non-acid Toilet Cleaners, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaners, Bleach, Laundry Bleach, Non-chlorine Bleach, Thick Bleach, Liquid laundry Detergents, Fabric Whiteners (Liquid Blue), Stain Removers. HISTORY We started our journey back in 1954 as Associated Chemical Industries, Erit Distributors and Erit Industries which was founded by Mr. Siddiq Ahmed. After that we established a Textile Chemical Processing unit in 1963 at Karachi city. In the beginning we were engaged in both, trading activities including manufacturing of Liquid Bleach and was among one of the pioneer in introducing household chemical usage of liquid bleach in Pakistan. In 1992 we get associated with M/S Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Ltd, till 2014 we were the sole co packer for three of their major brands; Robin Bleach, Harpic Power and Dettol 3 in 1 Multipurpose Cleaner. Atlantis Chemical Industries came into existence in 1996, undertakes the packaging & production line for small scale industries’ and giant chemical brands. ACI produces chemical variants according to the specification and formulas provided by our key clients. Our core competency is to manufacture products under their private label and customize their packaging material. Moreover, producing various brands for key clients, we also have variety of our own product range i.e. Bleach, Color Bleach, Noclo, Nylo, Safe-Cide Disinfectant Liquid, Tahara, Taaki and Toaleto, ACI has now completed 66 years as one of the leading industrial and household chemical industry holding unmatched expertise in manufacturing, processing, packaging and distribution of chemicals. Our Products ACI Bleach Noclo Non Chlorine Bleach Nylo Blue Safe-Cide Disinfectant Liquid Taaki Surface Cleaner Tahara Abaya Washing Toaleto Toilet Cleaner ACI Bleach Wash away extra-stubborn spots without tiresome scrubbing. Its sweet odour deodorize the environment and its antibacterial potential fights with bacteria which gives you germ free laundering. It’s easy to handle bottle allows you to grip the handle and pour without the mess of spillage. It works with both traditional and high-efficiency washing machines ACI Noclo Non Chlorine Bleach liquid NOCLO, Non-Chlorine Bleach has 3X more benefits than bleach. Add NOCLO Non-Chlorine Bleach with your detergent to remove stubborn stains, whiten whites and brighten colours. Its non-chlorine formula is safe for each and every colour and fabrics. ACI Nylo blue Cloth whitener liquid Nylo Blue is a fabric whitener which gives a dazzling white finish. Absolutely safe for use because it does’nt has an adverse effect on human skin and is gentle enough to all kind of fabrics. The blue mixes evenly with the water and produces even whiteness to the fabric. ACI Safe-cide Disinfectent Liquid Safe-cide Disinfectant liquid spray kills 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria that your family comes in contact with every day. Our disinfectants can be used to eliminate germs on commonly touched hard and soft surfaces. This spray eliminates odour causing bacteria and kills mildew, mold and viruses on household surfaces. ACI Taaki surface Floor cleaner Taaki Surface Cleaner is hard on grime but gentle on the environment. Holds an antibacterial power which kills 99.9% of germs, it has the powerful 3x cleaning performance against grease, dust, and dirt. Cleans floors, hard surfaces including marble, wood, porcelain tiles and linoleum better than ever. Leaves no visible residue with 24 Hours of long-lasting fragrance, leaving your home smelling clean longer ACI Tahara Abaya Washing Tahara is the perfect solution to wash your delicate Abaya whether washing by hand or in a washing machine, its special formula protects Abaya from fading 2x longer than any other ordinary detergent. It also gives long lasting shine and keep the fabric in pristine condition. ACI Toaleto Toilet Cleaner Toaleto Toilet cleaner has a thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents that lift and remove tough stains from all bathroom surfaces and kill germs to give you a disinfected and germ-safe bathroom. It gives you unbeatable cleaning on greasy soil, particulate matter and freshens the whole bathroom.

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