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blog details: TANDOORI GRILL, INDIAN PAKIS TAN BBQ RESTURENT in Columbus, Ohio, USA Brace yourself for a culinary master class - a festival of flavours in every forkful - and allow yourself to be swept away by the exotic aromas and tastes of truly outstanding Indian & Pakistani cuisine. Tandoori Grill dazzles diners with a unique fusion of Indian and Pakistani dishes. Prepared with panache using traditional methods, the rich heritage of this outstanding cuisine is evident in every bite. Enjoy delicious dishes like Seekh Kebabs, flavourful Fish Pakoras, tasty Tandoori Chicken, Goat Biryani, and more! Add a delectable side like fresh doughy naan bread or fragrant saffron rice for the perfect compliment to your meal. Treat your taste buds and come and discover the exciting world of Indian and Pakistani cuisine at Tandoori Grill Chicken samosa Potato samosa Bun kabab Fish pakora Chicken beef/lamb kabab Naan roll Boneless chicken Dum Biryani Vegetable Kadahi Chicken Goat Fish Qorma Hurry Butter chicken Kabab kadahi Chicken and beef nihari Haleem Goat paya Goat brain masla Liver kidney masala Beef shami kabab Chapli kabab with rice Chicken Beef Lamb Boneless chicken Seekh kabab Chicken and leg thigh Reshmi chicken tikka Whole tandoori chicken Lamb tikka Tandoori goat chops Chana masala Aalo palak Palak paneer Paneer tikka masala Bhindi masala Daal makhni Mixed vegetable Naan Garlic naan Roomali roti Tandoori roti Kulcha naan Flavored rice Biryani rice Salad Soft drink Mango lassi Yogurt lassi Mango drink Chai tea Doodh patti koyla tea Chicken samosa Chicken Samosa Pastry Shells Stuffed with Savory Minced Chicken Potato Samosa Pastry Shells Stuffed with Savory Spiced Potatoes Bun Kabab Marinated Beef Patty with Onion Topping and Chutney on Hamburger Bun Fish Pakora Sual Fish Fillet Dipped in Butter, Deep Fried CHICKEN, BEEF OR LAMB KABAB Choice of mined meat marinated in house splees, grilled in tandoor Boneless Chicken Bonless chicken pieces marinated in tandoori sauce and grilled in tandoor DUMM BIRYANI A mixed rice dish from the indian subcontinent. Made with spices, rice and meat er vegetables KARAHI Cooked in wok (karahi) with spices, tomato, ginger, garlic and chiles, served with rice QORMA CURRY Meat cooked with onion, yogurt and house spices Chicken Tikka Masala Boneless chicken pieces grilled in tandoor and sauteed with tomato sauce, served with rice KABAB KARAHAI Minced meat grilled in tandoor and sauteed in our karahi sauce. Served with rice Nihari Beef Beef shank simmered with special blend of spices Haleem Pastry meat dish prepared with wheat, barley, meat, lentils and spices Goat Brain Masala Goat Brain cooked with spices, ginger and garlic Beef Shami Kabab Ground bead, lentils and spices CHAPPLI KABAB WITH RICE Distinet flavor of kabab with pmegranate seeds,tomato and onions Reshmi Chicken Tikka Bonless breast pieces marinated in traditional spices cooled in tandoor Whole Tandoori Chicken Whole chicken cooked in tandoor Lamb Tikka Boneless pieces of lamb, marinated in savory sauce,cooked in tandoor Tandoori Goat Chops Marinated in lemon juice, spices, ginger and garlic. grilled in tandoor Chana Masala (chick peas) Aalo Palak (Potato & Spinach) cooked with house spices, tomatoes, onions, ginger and garlic Palak Paneer (Spinach and cottage cheese) cooked in savory spices, tomato's, garlic and ginger Paneer Tikka Masala Paneer chunks saute in tomatoes, ginger and spices Daal Makhni Lentils & kidney beans with creamy tomato sauce

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