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blog details: High-density polyethylene, more commonly known as HDPE, is one of the most widely used variants of polymers. It was first invented in the 1930s and used in building high-frequency radar cables. As a result of high molecular density, this polymer works best where moisture resistance, strength, and cost-effectiveness are most needed. It can also be made to be more flexible depending on the scope of the requirement. Characterised by superior corrosion resistance, it is suited for storing liquids, food, and other chemical items. The components of this polymer are highly inert, making it safe for storing chemicals for an extended period. HDPE granules can be easily mixed with other additives to enhance their properties according to the requirements of the user. Some of its advantages are: Cost-effective High resistance to heat, moisture, and corrosion UV resistant Resistant to chemicals Can be built in different grades Durable Non-leaching HDPE polymer is mostly used in the following applications: Plastic containers – Water bottles are the most common form of HDPE polymers. It is perfect for blow moulding applications, particularly for food and beverage storage. It is also recyclable and does not leach. Toys – HDPE is UV resistant and can be blow moulded into any shape we need. This makes it perfect for making toys and any other plastic-based tools. Container for chemicals – This product also has solid chemical resistance which makes it great for cosmetics, cleaning products, motor oil, and other chemicals for industrial or domestic use. Pipe – HDPE-based pipes can be made in various grades since it has high molecular weight. It is strong, resistant to pollutants, and can be built to suit any structure which is ideal for piping and outdoor applications. With its ever-widening scope of applications and popularity in the market, companies such as Blend Colours have been exploring all the possibilities of this polymer and where it can be applied. Empowered by twenty-plus years of varied experience in the field of masterbatch production and distribution, we do not cut corners and work hard to provide the best solutions to our esteemed customers. Our production systems are the embodiment of our experience, commitment, and innovation; we adhere to strict quality regulations such as ISO 9001:2015 among others that allow us to cater to both domestic and international clients without any questions asked. Our effort and commitment have also been recognised by various domestic and international bodies such as the government-sponsored One Star Export House, Economic Time Award, Plexconcil Award, Two Star Export House, Gaurav SME Award, and IPSA 2019 among others. Here at Blend Colours, we are here not only to operate a successful business but direct the path of the industry towards innovation, reliability, and sustainability.


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