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blog details: What are the pros of bilateral knee replacement? There are several benefits to double knee replacement for arthritis-damaged knees, including easing joint pain and restoring mobility: 1. A patient can get back to normal life quickly after replacing both knees at the same time. 2. Patients have one surgery, one hospital stay, and one course of rehabilitation. 3. Patient’s take less time off from work. 4. Shorter hospital stay 5. Minimal pain 6. Nearly 100% accuracy How long does recovery after a bilateral knee replacement take? An average recovery time for bilateral knee replacements is between 6-12 months. The degree to which you follow orthopedic surgeon Dr. Jhurani's post-surgery instructions will determine how quickly you heal from your injury. By doing this, you'll have the highest chance of recovering swiftly and returning to your regular activities right away. You should be able to resume your regular activities three months after treatment. Tips for Bilateral Knee Replacement Recovery: Here are tips for fast recovery from knee arthroplasty surgery: 1. Early use of the knee You must begin standing up and using a help device, such as a walker or crutches, with the help of a physical therapist. As quickly as you can, use your artificial knee. 2. Increase your physical activity As a daily exercise for the knees, start walking more frequently. Increase the physical activity and duration of your exercise as your knee becomes stronger. 3. Longer walks without support You must perform all the daily tasks suggested by your therapist. You won't need to take as many medicines, and you'll be able to go for long walks. 4. Increase Your Knee's Strength Your ability to perform your household chores should improve after six weeks. You might also ask your doctor or therapist when you can resume driving and working.

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