Male Infertility

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blog details: It was believed earlier that if a couple has an inability to become parents then this problem been directly linked to the female partner only. But as the time passed away, the perception towards infertility also had been changed and this infertility problem is now directly associated with both, female partner and male partner. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail about male infertility so continue to read on to understand more about it. An incompetence of a male partner to conceive by a woman is known as male infertility. Secondly, if a woman is unable to get pregnant after doing a one year or more years of regular unprotected sexual intercourse then it means that the male partner has an infertility problem. However, female infertility may also be the reason for not having children. What is Male Infertility? It is generally said that to have a baby is a simple and natural experience but for some couples it may be difficult to conceive. Fertility of a male depends on the quality and quantity of sperm. On the other side, if the quantity of sperm ejaculated by man is low or the quality of sperm are poor then it will be difficult else impossible in some cases to get pregnant. Male sterility is a male health issue which lessens the chances of his female partner in getting pregnant. It is a universal issue and according to a research study, about 20% of infertile couples, this problem is only connected to the male partners and about 30% of couples, the problem of sterility are with both the partners. That’s why, the contribution to infertility issue by a man in around half of all cases. On an average, one in twenty men, having less quantity of sperm and causing infertility. If you feel feeling shame today because of the childhood mistakes of your life, and don't satisfy your wife or girlfriend. Don't worry about it, we always are with you, don't delay and talk to me freely about your sexual problem. For More Information, Visit – and

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