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Path of Exile Witch Build Guide

The Path of Exile Witch is an enchanting character that you will definitely want to keep your eyes on. She has a lot of powerful powers that she can use to help you along your way. However, she can be dangerous if you don't use her correctly. That's why you will have to learn a few tips to make sure that she is safe from you.


If you are thinking about playing the Elementalist on Path of Exile, the good news is you have a lot of freedom to choose your own build. However, there are pros and cons to each choice.

Firstly, the Elementalist can make elemental ailments work well with other damage types. For example, if you are dealing with a high damage absorption mob, you can give them an incredible defense by throwing out some powerful burning dmg from a dyad. The Elementalist is the master of the three primary elements of Path of Exile: fire, cold and lightning. This allows you to deal a lot of damage.


If youre looking to play it safe, youre best off with a well crafted, well played game plan. Its a lot more fun that way. Whether youre playing in the flesh or the virtual space, you'll soon find out. Luckily, there are plenty of companies vying for your hard earned dollars. For example, U4GM has been around for quite some time and has a stellar track record. They offer a variety of currency options to fit your needs. Moreover, their prices are competitive and you'll never have to wait a long time for delivery. In addition to the most desirable currencies, U4GM also offers a variety of pre-configured prepaid items to help get your campaign off the ground.


Savathun, the Hive God of deception and manipulation, is a force that opposes the Guardians. She is the sister of the Taken King, Oryx, and one of the chief gods of the Hive species. A master of dark arts and elemental magic, she is a leery friend and dangerous opponent.

Savathun is a powerful necromancer who learned her necromancy from Nokris. In fact, she was the progenitor of the contemporary Hive species. However, Savathun is most well-known for inserting her own words into other people's broadcasts.

When the Black Fleet invaded Sol, Hive broods that had previously sworn to Savathun began to defect. Despite her claims of being a kind god, Savathun has been known to manipulate other people and is a master of deception.

Cold Crit

If you're looking for a powerful build that can whittle away the days, consider the Cold Crit Witch. This isn't a gimmicky build, but rather an effective combination of elements that will freeze your enemies in place until they die. For more details about Poe Currency please click here or go to this site.

For starters, a Cold Snap is a cool spell that costs 11-28 mana and lasts for 0.85 seconds. The downside is that it needs to be placed in an item socket of the right color.

The Arcane Cloak is another skill that saves many times over the course of a match. While it isn't necessary to have this skill, it is a great way to protect yourself from incoming damage.


The Occultist is the Ascendant of the witches, and is known for its well-thought out defenses, high energy shield, and scalability. Its high level of performance is the envy of many a witch. This is also the reason why the Occultist is considered to be a jack of all trades. A good Occultist can make a perfect fit for a variety of builds. Some of the most notable Occultists include the Occultist ed, the Occultist con, the Occultist oc, and the Occultist mage. Despite the challenges of the current meta, it seems that the octahedron has found a home in many an Occultist's abode.


Choosing the right Witch class is critical for successful play in Path of Exile. The Witch is a spellcaster that can deal a lot of damage at range. It is an excellent choice for players looking to do a bit of domination early in the game.

One of the biggest advantages of playing a Witch is the access to caster skill nodes. You can use them to socket powerful skills like Desecrate or Convocation. In addition, you can get a great intelligence boost from the Witch. This makes it a great choice for beginners and veterans.

While there are many different classes in Path of Exile, the Witch is the easiest to start with. Because it has so many caster skill nodes, it makes it easy to explore the content.

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