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blog details: Electronic invoicing or GST e invoicing software in India is a method for creating invoices and it enables the invoices created through one software program that is accessible by the other software, it has also reduced the need for further data entry and the labor-intensive manual process. It is an invoice that has been produced using a single standard format so that others can share the electronic data or ensures information consistency. E-invoicing software provides a reliable and complete invoicing solution, it provides the features for generation, tracking, or managing the invoices. UnibillApp is an GST e invoicing software in India that helps in generating the E invoices in a single click, also it automatically prints IRN or invoice reference number and QR code with the invoicing software. It is certified software which means your invoices can be directly uploaded to the IRP portal to generate the E invoices seamlessly. There are so many benefits of the Unibill App, best GST e invoicing software as it reduces the reporting of the same invoice details multiple times, it helps in real-time tracking of invoices, confirms the ITC eligibility, it prevents errors and fraud, it saves time and effort to file returns or it helps in reducing the reporting of same invoice details in multiple times. There are some key factors to be considered while choosing an GST E-invoicing software like whether it can generate bulk E-way Bill invoices seamlessly or whether it can generate E-way Bills along with E invoices as applicable or it has the flexibility to use the offline mode to generate the E invoices that deals in possible network issues. Electronic invoicing is a system in which all B2B invoices are uploaded electronically and then authenticated by the designated portal. Post authentication, a unique invoice reference number is generated along with the QR code and that needs to be printed on the invoice. Electronic invoices apply to all the businesses that are registered under GST and those that issue B2B invoices in a phased manner as notified by the central government. Therefore there are so many benefits of E-invoicing, first, it can curb tax evasion and with this the chances of editing invoices are low.

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