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blog details: Educational games (also called learning games) are online games that combine learning with fun. Educational games differ from conventional online games in that they offer more than just entertainment. Educational games improve hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and social-emotional skills and help kids with education and academics. These games are thus more constructive and valuable than conventional entertainment-based games. Educational games are available for kids of all ages. These games have different themes and help kids learn various topics. Here are five fun educational games with different themes that will never get old! Doctor Doctor games for kids are great for budding healthcare professionals! While playing the game Doctor, kids role-play as a doctor and get to take care of their cute little virtual friends within the game. With this game, kids can learn to treat the flu, take care of ears & teeth, clean wounds, and learn about the X-Ray! spelling city games help children develop social-emotional skills like empathy and caretaking. While playing Doctor, kids also get to solve exercises that teach them to count, code, and trace letters and numbers! The game Doctor is a complete learning package! Go Ball Puzzle games improve kids' problem-solving, analytical thinking, and logical thinking skills. Kids can benefit from puzzle games right from the age of four. Educational games with puzzles for 4 year olds online are the best way to learn. Go Ball is a puzzle-solving game with puzzles for kids of all ages, starting from learning games for 4 year olds! At the beginning of every level in the game, all the tiles on the starting screen are jumbled. The purpose of this game is to solve the puzzle, rearrange the tiles, and make sure that the ball travels from one end to the other. After every level, kids learn math and coding by solving different exercises. Puzzle Game  Solving jigsaw puzzles in real life leaves a mess behind! Thankfully, puzzles games are available online! Puzzle Game is a jigsaw puzzle game with fun pictures. Puzzle Game contains puzzles for kids of all ages, starting from learning games for 5 year olds. Kids can select jigsaw puzzles with 6, 12, or 24 pieces. While playing Puzzle Game, kids also learn math by solving math problems and exercises! Solving jigsaw puzzles improves kids' spatial ability, which is the ability to mentally understand and transform objects, shapes, and images. Spatial ability is necessary from making your bed to tieing your buttons. Puzzle Game is also sure to improve kids' focus and concentration.  Brain City Brain City is the best game for children who love animals and nature! In this game, kids have to use their math skills to help the escaped zoo animals so that they can return home safely. Kids get to rescue the zoo animals and bring them back to safety by solving interactive math puzzles and exercises, all while running fast and avoiding obstacles! Brain City teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, geometry, clock learning, and coding! Fast-paced action games, like Brain City, improve kids' hand-eye coordination skills. This makes Brain city one of the best learning games for 6 year olds and older. Race Cars Race Cars is the perfect game for children who love monster trucks and competitive racing! Learning games for 6 year olds and older, like Race Cars, are the best way for kids to learn math and enjoy themselves. Race Cars is a multiplayer game wherein kids race against other players to win and progress through multiple leagues to reach the top of the board! Kids can collect and upgrade 14 monster trucks and customize them with the help of countless customization features. Race Cars teaches kids critical math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions! Educational games are a great learning experience for kids. A gamified learning approach and learning through play is the best way to obtain knowledge and retain it. SKIDOS is an organization that knows this. They make educational games for kids of all ages. Their games offer value and education instead of pure entertainment. These educational games are safe, kid-friendly, and contain no ads. SKIDOS has developed over 40 educational games for kids of all ages. These games have several unique themes like fantasy, sports, racing, role-play, and more. SKIDOS has developed educational games ranging from doctor games for kids to fantasy games. Check out their collection of games at!

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