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blog details: What are lanyards? A lanyard is nothing more than a versatile tool that is used to carry identification cards or keys, allowing users quick and easy access when they're needed most. Lanyards can be used for many tasks, such as always keeping your badge in place and allowing you to keep your keys easily accessible. Lanyards come in many shapes and sizes, but the most popular lanyard styles are badge holders and lanyard keychains. There are also lanyard accessories that help you use the lanyard effectively. In this post, we will cover how to use lanyards for schools or institutions such as colleges and universities. The lanyard can be worn by both adults and children and one size fits all ages – so it is a perfect product for use at all educational facilities in Ireland. As well as the lanyards themselves we also supply the plastic ID badge holders that are commonly used to display contact information. Lanyards are a fantastic way to help children, or adults, identify themselves when they're on the go. Lanyards can be personalised, keeping your name and contact information or school name. Schools often require children to wear lanyards that display their name and class so that is easy to recognize them. For older age groups the product helps solve the problem of missing keys, IDs, or work badges! Everything can attach to the lanyard using a clip and then have easy access. Choosing lanyards for your school can seem like a daunting task. There are so many options and styles, each designed to meet specific needs within an institutional setting that it's easy to become overwhelmed. Where do you even begin? What will work best for your program? This blog post is meant to help you find the answer and order the best school lanyards in Ireland. Lanyard Uses in Schools Lanyards have been used for decades for a wide variety of purposes: in schools, prisons, hospitals, and more. In fact, they have become so useful in modern life that they are now used as fashion accessories. Here are three of the most popular lanyards used in schools: 1. Identifying Employees or School Staff When you need to identify an employee, student, or teacher in an institutional setting, you will typically utilize some type of identification badge. The job or position is often indicated on the card or badge. But these can easily be lost and can pose security issues; when a student has their ID badge hanging from their backpack, it is not visible and could be tampered with by other students. The best choice is lanyards, which are easily recognizable and the easiest to get to. 2. Keeping Your Keys Safe All too often, students lose their keys and end up having to wait until they are inside a classroom before they can retrieve their keys from their backpacks or locker. Adding a key chain clip or a lanyard might solve this problem. They make it easy for students to quickly always retrieve their keys and with little hassle, which could help reduce student stress when trying to study for an exam. 3. Keeping Your School or college ID Safe School ID cards are used for a variety of things, such as getting access to the student parking lot or scanning in to check out books from the library. But one of the biggest issues with school or college IDs is that they can be easily lost. With a lanyard, this problem will be eliminated which means that the item can be worn and displayed around the neck. In some instances, an electronic fob can be added to the lanyard, and this can be used to gain entry to certain areas of a school or college. This ensures the security of the premises and allows for records to be kept of the movement of persons. At we offer custom-made Lanyards for schools or colleges with a range of ID tags that can suit your needs. We also provide printing with a college or school logo and if preferred we will create a design for you of your own choosing. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with school lanyards by Lanyards Ireland. With over 10 years of experience, we will be able to answer questions you may have and offer suggestions as to the best material and accessories.

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