How a CEO’s Character Impacts Employees’ Motivation and Productivity?

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blog details: Every smart business leader and startup advisory firm knows exactly how important it is to optimize their employees’ performances at work. Motivation drives effective job performance. If staff members lack motivation, the businesses that hire them will struggle to develop and grow. This is why it’s crucial for every leader and chief operating officer to critically assess their operations and develop a strategy that builds trust and authenticity with their teams. There are countless business advisory services that detail how to be a successful CEO. But many conventional guides don’t focus enough on how a CEO’s strategies impact their employees in the long run. Your primary goal as a CEO is to cultivate characteristics and traits that motivate your employees to perform at their best. Motivation stems from a set of external and internal factors that drive each employee to take specific courses of action. Research suggests that performance boils down to a combination of motivation, ability, and actionable opportunity. Provide your staff with these three concepts and they’ll be optimally equipped to thrive in their positions. The Effect of CEOs on Firm Performance There’s a wide spectrum of scientific evidence documenting how behaviors can create or disrupt leadership legacies in the workplace. Startup advisory researcher Ashish Ranpura has noted that the memories we retain are associated with our experiences and impressions in a given moment. This means that people, and thus employees, remember relationships and experiences more than they remember cold, hard facts.

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