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blog details: The personality test or interview is the final stage of the civil service examination. After this stage, worry about your career will be gone for the rest of your life. This test is basically conducted to ensure that the candidate is responsible and fit to serve the country. It is different from other service interviews. Conducted by the UPSC Board who already know the applicant's personal and professional background. Sessions will include questions on national and international affairs. The ultimate goal of this interview is to have the candidate's suitability for a civil service career evaluated by an experienced and impartial person. They literally judge a candidate's mental toughness and make decisions accordingly. As one of India's most respected services, The questions asked literally challenge the general and logical understanding of the answers. As such, candidates must possess humility, interactive skills, maturity, rationality, composure, and a general knowledge base. However, knowledge and intelligence are already tested in his first two stages of the IAS exam. Candidates must actually possess the remaining personality traits to do well on the Personality Her test. This contributes greatly to her list of final merits. but also focus on many other things for get brief infomation join chankya IAS academy in pune which is best ias coaching in pune.


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