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blog details: It's not so easy to appear in front of IAS and IPS through competitive exams that combine civil service exams and Indian Forest Service recruitment. UPSC is an autonomous agency that ensures that recruitment is based on unbiased test patterns. So everyone knows what's going on as the tests are published in recruitment news and daily newspapers. yes. The competitive trial is conducted in three phases. Maximum 150 points 150 questions. The exam lasts two hours and includes questions on six subjects: Indian history, Indian constitution, geography, economics, science and current affairs. Paper II- The second paper is a student option that includes political science, psychology, economics, physics, economics, and more. The exam has 120 questions, a maximum score of 300, and a duration of 2 hours. The IAS preliminary exam is highly competitive and only those with the highest scores qualify for the second stage, the main exam. The 10% passing rate for the preliminary exam is very interesting. Level II – Main Exam The IAS Main Exam is a written exam in the form of a topic or essay. This usually takes place in November or December. The IAS Mains consist of 9 essays: Essays I & II - language essays up to 300 points each. One is Mandatory English and the other is Indian as stipulated in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. These papers must pass with a certain minimum percentage Essay III - This is a subjective essay up to 200 points. Students may choose to write in English or any other Indian language as specified in Annex 8 of the Constitution. Exam Part IV and V - including expertise and current affairs and maximum number of points Studium Generale 300 Students taking the IAS major are penalized in a 1:10 ratio and classified into the next level, the personality test. increase. continue.


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