5 Wonderful Benefits of Using a Cat Scratcher

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Has your cat scratched up your expensive furniture and other household valuables? The need to scratch is a natural behavior for cats. So, how can you keep your beloved cat in the house without risking damage to your prized furnishings?

The answer is simple. You should use a cat scratcher! A cat tree is a fundamental piece of furniture, but it is essential for your cat and your sanity for more reasons than you would think.

Also, if your cat is such a massive fan of scratching and climbing, walking them outside should be fun. It is not only a bonding moment between you and your pet, but it will also help them be healthier. Therefore, using a cat harness is essential to start walking your cat. But why are these two accessories so vital for your cat's well-being? Let's find out more.

1. A Cat Scratcher Is Good for Their Health

A cat scratcher may help your feline friend stay healthy, which is one of the most compelling arguments for purchasing one.

Scratching is excellent for your cat's claws, helping to maintain them in tip-top shape, so do not punish them for what seems like an undesirable behavior or unpleasant habit. The reason is that dead or damaged outer nail skin may be filed away by scratching.

If you have more than one cat, ensure they all have their scratcher so they may scratch without worrying about damaging one another's.

Also, regarding your cat's health, it may seem that your cat will be safer if you keep them inside, but this decision will require you to make certain sacrifices. The fact that you can explore the world with your cats may benefit their physical and emotional well-being. Therefore, walk your cat outside and show them the surroundings. Remember to use the cat harness, though. It is essential to keep your feline safe and not lose it when they hear exciting sounds.

2. It Will Save Your Furniture

Anyone who owned a cat and made the mistake of not investing in a scratcher has probably also had to purchase new furniture more often. Scratching is a natural activity for cats, and they like it very much. This means they will search everywhere for something to dig their claws into if you do not provide them with a scratching post. And it is quite probable that it will be the sides of your sofa! However, there is still time to change your mind.

Create a cat scratcher for your cat by constructing a piece of furniture that is more boring than the scratching post itself. You may position the post so that it is next to your cat's preferred scratching spot and use rewards or catnip to correct the cat's problematic behavior.

Also, think of her activity level. A cat is supposed to exercise for at least 30 minutes to stay in shape because otherwise, your furry friend will become obese. Sixty percent of cats worldwide are overweight, much as the human average has risen due to sedentary lifestyles. Taking your cat outside will prevent it from gaining weight. Furthermore, it will not hurt you in any way.

If mountaineering is not your thing, then take your cat for a walk in the yard while wearing the cat harness.

3. Scratching and Walking Your Cat in a Cat Harness Release Energy

A cat scratcher is even more crucial when your feline friends are little kittens. A scratcher in vigorously reaching and playing allows these adorable kittens to unleash a lot of pent-up energy.

Providing them with a scratching post as soon as they enter their new home is an excellent approach to helping them acclimate to their new environment.

Kittens may benefit from the playfulness and the hunting instincts stimulated by a scratcher with extra toys hanging from it.

Also, young cats running amok may be exercised by learning to wear a cat harness and stroll around the neighborhood. It will help you get a better night's rest.

4. Improve Their Mental Health

While an individual cat scratcher is ideal for each cat, it is advised that homes with numerous cats have at least one communal scratching post they may use.

This is because some cats will utilize this shared perch to assemble and play with other cats or make new friends. Scratching posts are a fantastic technique to encourage cats to socialize with one another since all cats like this activity.

It would be best if you also considered mental and visual play essential for cats. When it comes to cats that are too scared to go outdoors, a safe and stimulating indoor environment may provide all they need. If your cat is up for it, they will be doing you and your furniture a favor by getting some exercise.

A kitten feels tension and boredom all day long, but going on an adventure in a cat harness helps. Their frequent outings help them maintain cognitive health. You and your cat might benefit from fresh air and moving around to lift your spirits.

To the extent that they can master new situations, they will become more confident and content felines. Cats are less likely to display negative behavior if they are happy.

5. A Scratcher Is Great for Exercise

Cats, like humans, benefit from a lovely stretch after waking up from a nap. Scratching against their cat scratcher is an excellent method for them to get some early morning activity.

Many cats will stretch their whole bodies from head to tail while using the scratching post. This is seen by the cat's extended front legs and rearward pull.

Cats do not need only scratch to leave visual patterns; they also do it to leave their distinctive fragrance, which is secreted by glands in between their paw pads.

Therefore, this is your sign to buy a high-quality scratcher and watch your cat enjoy it as you save your furniture from scratching.

Also, to keep your cat happy, you should take them for a walk on a cat harness. They enjoy the outdoors just like indoor cats, but without the risk.

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