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blog details: Our Story I've always enjoyed being outdoors, even as a child. My father was a career Air Force man, so I spent my childhood on military installations all over the country. I would spend a lot of time exploring the wooded trails and/or having fun wading through the creeks on different bases. While Dad was stationed in Alaska, during my adolescence, I went on Boy Scout camping trips. Man was it cold up there!!!! We would camp in below 0 weather. Once I reached adulthood, this enthusiasm for camping persisted. However, it was time to serve my country, so I joined the Air Force. Years later, my love of camping has not faded. My wife and I have always dreamed of owning a campground so that we can share the fun of camping with others. Needless to say, life and health issues got in the way. Then in 2021, I came up with a bright idea! I decided to launch a website for novice and seasoned campers because I still wanted to share how much I love camping. I wanted to show people that camping doesn't have to be difficult; rather, it can be simple, enjoyable, and, most importantly, memorable. was born as a result of this. In doing so, I hope to give back to the outdoor community and encourage you—the reader—to spend more time outside. On our website, you can read reviews on the best outdoor and survival gear. You can also get expert advice on how to go camping safely and with pleasure. If you are new to, I highly recommend signing up for our newsletter. As a thank you, you will also receive our free ebook, "Free Camping Checklist." This checklist will make sure you pack everything you need to enjoy great outdoor adventures with confidence. OWNER I'm Eric Trowbridge, and I have a goal. I want to get everyone outside to enjoy camping, including families and singles. Here, you'll discover everything you need to get going. WRITER Introducing my lovely wife, Tamra. She grew up on a pig farm and has always loved being outside. Her expertise is in conducting research and writing these educational articles.


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