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blog details: In this current business world, every online marketer is in the race of uplifting their seo progress. Every SEOs and website owners track their keyword performance to be in top of search results. But how many of you are tracking your competitor keyword rankings? I guess it would be few of them. This is because many of your seo tools want to have features to track your competitor. But serpple is not among them. Serpple is always unique. Serpple is a all in one SEO tool that gives 99.5% ranking accuracy. And Serpple has given a rare special feature ‘’ Serpple Competitor Tracker ‘’ that other seo tool failed to give even semrush too. So what is Sepple competitor tracker and how does it work ? Serpple Competitor tracker is a feature to track your competitor keywords rankings. Serpple will uncover all your competitor keywords data in seconds. You neither know all of your competitors nor all about your competitor.. But Serpple will discover all your competitor based on your keywords. So, you can compare yourself with your competitor.thus, it helps to uplift your seo progress. You can also see your competitor score given by Serpple and can compare yourself with them. And the main thing in this competitor tracker is matching keywords. This competitor tracker shows the matching keyword of you and your competitor. Thus it helps you to decide if they want to be your competitor or not. Serpple competitor Al Focuses on , Microscopic analysis of your competitor Keeping an eye on competitor keywords organic performance. Spying on all crucial metrics of competitor keywords. It’s like wow right !!! That’s serpple. Serpple doesn’t stops with this Competitor tracker it also includes many features like: 1. Schedule Report — You can send your Keywords ranking report through Mail 2. Devitating Keywords and Trending Keywords 3. Google search Ads tracking 4. Tracking the SERP feature metrics Start claiming the free access now and start serppling now with Serpple’s Competitor Tracker.

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