Cat Scratcher: A Must-Have Tool for Any Cat Owner

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Your fluffy bundle of joy is one of the most important beings in your life, but it's also one of your biggest responsibilities. Cats are unique and independent animals capable of genuine affection rarely seen in the animal kingdom. When you come home after a hard day's work, your fluffball is there to cheer you up. In times of companionship needs, your cat can provide you with its warm cuddly fur. In the moments you want to laugh, they can be the funniest creatures you can hope for. But unfortunately, at least for some owners, cats can also be real jet engines that, if left unattended, can wreak havoc in the household.

A cat can sleep as much as twenty hours a day, as they are crepuscular creatures accustomed to saving energy for their hunting occasions. But what happens when there is nothing to hunt? All that energy will be redirected to your recently purchased curtains, for which you have, of course, misspaced the receipt. Therefore, it is necessary to distract the attention of your furry friend, and in this respect, a good idea might be to buy a cat scratcher from a pet store near me. But what are the other advantages of buying such an accessory, and what other pet ownership essentials could be found in a pet store near me? We propose finding the answer to these questions in the following pages.

Why Do Cats Claw?

The innate instincts of cats have not entirely disappeared, as they have been domesticated much more recently than dogs, and they retain almost the same habits as their wild counterparts. Cats are keen hunters but also territorial animals, and their claws are an essential part of their being, which they use to mark their territory but also as a form of exercise. Being a natural behaviour, it is almost impossible to stop their clawing; cats not being as open to training as dogs. Therefore, a good solution would be to gift them a scratcher as a distraction.

A cat scratcher is essential not only because it can save your grandmother's armchair but also because it can help your cat maintain its natural claw health. Your furry companion needs to shed the outer layer of the claws to keep comfortable, and it does this by scratching various objects. A cat scratcher can thus be a suitable tool for your pet to maintain its grooming at an acceptable level.

Besides these aspects, cats claw to mark their territory. Cats have a set of interdigital glands in each paw, which release pheromones when the cat scratches an object. In the wild, it's a way for your little hunter to mark his territory, keeping rivals at bay, but in your home, this behaviour no longer serves the same purpose and is reserved for creating abstract patterns on your overpriced carpet.

What Essential Products Can I Find in a Pet Store Near Me?

Have you ever wanted to buy a toy for your cat after you've taken off work? Or have you received a recommendation from a friend to try a particular brand of cat food and wanted to see what the fuss is about? Then the services of a pet store near me are what you need. Online pet stores are perfect for when you want to carefully consider your purchases and don't mind waiting for delivery. But we humans, in a way strikingly similar to cats, are impulsive creatures, and we most likely fully appreciate the presence of a pet store near me for our last-minute purchases. But what are some of the essential products that can be found in a nearby pet shop?

First and foremost, any local pet store will stock an impressive amount of dog or cat food to satisfy the needs of your furry friends. But dogs and cats aren't the only animals kept as pets by Australian households. Want to find a cage for your parrot or a water treatment tablet for your new angelfish? Then your local pet shop probably has what you're looking for. Do you want some clothes for your Sphynx cat or anti-parasite medication for your French bulldog? Then you're in the right place. Local pet shops are hubs for pet lovers where you can find whatever you need—and speaking of animal lovers.

Benefiting from the Advice of Professionals

Are you looking for a quality cat scratcher but don't know precisely what size is right for your British Shorthair? Or you may want a dog shampoo for your poodle and don't know which brand you should go for. A local pet shop may be ideal for you because you will have the opportunity to speak in person to employees who will be more than willing to help you.

The employees at your local pet stores are pet lovers just like you and have the experience necessary to answer your queries, no matter how complicated they may be. Has your doctor specified that your dog has an allergy to a particular type of meat? Then, ask the staff at your local store about brands that create a suitable dog food variant for your fluffball. Want to buy some treats for your puppy but need to know if they are suitable for dogs under three months old? Then ask the employees of your local pet store. The main advantage of local pet shops lies in the connections you can form with the people who work there and the knowledge you can gain from talking to them.

Do What’s Best for Your Pet

Some accessories like a cat scratcher are a must for the inventory of a responsible cat owner. Others, like string toys bought from a pet store near me, are bonuses meant to make your cat happy. But regardless, if you have finished reading this article, it is likely that you are a responsible pet owner who deeply loves your pet, whether it be a dog, cat, or parrot.

Our animals give us unique joys, and their well-being becomes our number one priority at some point. The services of local pet shops are perhaps the purest way to experience the bliss of the pet ownership process, as the thrill of a purchase from a local pet shop cannot be replicated through online pet stores. The happiness of your pet when you return home with a surprise for them is worth all the money in the world, and your satisfaction as a pet owner can't be replicated by almost anything.

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