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blog details: Cot mattress is a mixture of memory foam and natural latex. Milari Organics make natural latex wool mattresses with the help of foam and cotton. We provide you many types of mattresses like cot mattress, organic mattress, woolen cot mattress, memory foam mattress, buy baby cot mattress , best affordable cot mattress, latex cot mattress, luxury baby mattress etc. We can make our mattresses only With GOTS Certified mattress and memory foam tested by labs. Our mattresses are handmade and formaldehyde free .We can provide you eco-friendly products and a green living area .We can use coconut coir to make it more soft . This mattress is breathable and fire resistant or easy to clean .Our main motive is to provide a better baby sleep for your kids with sustainable living . Milari Organics provides you with a 5 to 8 year warranty on every product .This is a hand made non-toxic mattress which will last for many years and into childhood. We can also use the zero waste material to make eco-friendly products .I love that I can open the covers of the mattress and look at exactly what is inside pure wool, coconut coir and organic natural latex. Our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable ( we don't use plastic) , so it is good for our planet. Milari Organics completes your order within 3 to 5 days. Our mattress is an affordable mattress and you can easily buy at affordable prices in Australia. Milari Organics is the no1 baby mattress company in Australia . We can also be awarded a Golden Bronze in the clean and conscious award category . Our mattresses are the 1st choice of parents for their kids' room. Clean and conscious award is a memorable award for us . Contact us for information :

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