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Chickpea chips are one of the healthiest options that are high in fiber and protein from plants and a much healthier alternative to potato chips. Additionally, your celebration platter will be delicious and nutritious with these crunchy, chickpea flour chips for dipping into guacamole or nacho cheese sauce. Chickpea chips are crisp, thin crackers composed of chickpea or besan flour. They are also known as chickpea flour chips or chickpea flour crackers. The ideal snack to satisfy your desire for something savory when you feel hungry.

The Smokey Bbq Chickpea Chips are flavored, spiced, and packed with energy. Unbelievably, there is a snack made from chickpeas that tastes just like one of your beloved junk foods but has a much higher nutritional value. Our favorite superfood, chickpeas, creates these delightfully thin popped crisps. This thin, crispy chip is dusted with the ideal amount of spices and garlic. Once you start popping, there is no stopping you thanks to the low calories and great flavor.

We now present to you Original Bains Chickpea Chip, which are simultaneously crunchy, delicious, and nutritious.  Here is the ideal option if you want something crunchy and nourishing to replace your fast-food binge. Combining the goodness of black chickpea and seasonings can make your bingeing more engaging, satisfying, and addictive. HiLands Foods Smokey Bbq Chickpea Chips, have a much smaller percentage of ingredients, almost all of which are healthy. These include chickpea flour, sunflower oil, pea fiber, and onion powder, to name a few.  40% of the richness is made up of chickpeas. Due to the high protein content of chickpeas, these chips will keep you fuller for an extended period of time.

The ideal way to add crunch and long-lasting satiety to lunch or supper, all of HiLands Foods chickpea chips are authentically made from high oleic sunflower oil. Enjoy healthy snacks without sacrificing flavor or texture. Anyone who is healthy can appreciate life.  Each Chickpea Chip is bursting with goodness and tastes delectable because it is seasoned with natural spices and flavors.

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