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blog details: Will digital marketing replace traditional marketing? Hi there! Welcome back. Will traditional marketing ever be replaced by digital marketing? is one of the questions we get asked the most. Let's understand: Let me start with this very basic question. What was the last television advertisement you can recall watching? Or the last advertisement you saw when reading the newspaper or magazine? Because of the huge amount of advertising we are bombarded with today, we might not be able to recall it very well. In fact, we might even stop noticing it completely. This is mainly because such ads are mass-targeted rather than created to meet the requirements of one particular person. You would also have seen advertisements that you might readily remember, and you might have even made a purchase due to such advertisements that were more targeted to you. This is a result of advertisers' and marketers' attempts to match their objectives with the behaviors or areas of interest of the target audience. This enables the advertisers to identify a specific market and target it, which ultimately results in more qualified clients and higher profits.


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